If you use it for outdoor advertising, you need to go to the urban management department for approval.
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Changchun LED electronic display production, wholesale installation and maintenance service Changchun Zhizhen Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in production, installation, maintenance and service. LED indoor display, LED outdoor display, monochrome LED display, two-color LED display, large full-color LED electronic display project. And city lighting project!
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It is suggested to take a look at the bidding announcement.
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Lansi Technology: the company is the main supplier of Xiaomi 8 four curved 3D glass. The company is the main supplier of Xiaomi 8 four curved 3D glass] the reporter learned from Lansi technology that on May 31, Xiaomi officially released its annual flagship Xiaomi 8 series mobile phone. Lansi technology is still the main supplier. This is the breakthrough of Xiaomi 8's four curved 3D glass back cover technology after Lansi technology conquered Xiaomi 6's four curved 3D glass back cover technology and Huawei 8's three curved 3D glass back cover technology. At present, there are few manufacturers in the market that can produce 3D glass cover plates with four curved surfaces, only four in the world. Lansi technology takes the lead in realizing that all processes are processed by itself. 6 Z: n; |( g* R# t7 y- N。。。。。
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