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It is understood that there are mainly two kinds of LCD TV screens on the market, one is LGD's IPS hard screen, and now some high-end LCD manufacturers such as LG, Skyworth, Konka, Haier, Hisense and Changhong use this kind of LCD screen, with the sizes of 42 inches and 47 inches; The other is the VA soft screen, represented by Samsung, sharp and other manufacturers, with sizes of 40 inches and 46 inches.
Author:Zhang Feng   Time:2021-10-14 08:01 Browse(null)
As long as you can watch the TV after repair, no matter where he changes it? My Samsung 55 inch screen was replaced by them at my home. After a few days, someone called back and asked me about the repair and replacement process. Maybe it's because of the maintenance staff.
Author:Wang Guangpu   Time:2021-10-11 16:50 Browse(null)
Of course, is sharp better than TCL? The price is also higher. If you are not sensitive to money, you'd better buy Sony and sharp
Author:Lin Yanni   Time:2021-09-11 12:28 Browse(null)
Hisense's LED is white, and the display effect of Sony's LED is quite different. Ordinary LCD TV is better than sharp Sony, and it's not too expensive, so you'd better buy sharp Sony/
Author:Zhao Ting   Time:2021-09-11 11:19 Browse(null)
Domestic sharp has been acquired by Foxconn, while American sharp has been acquired by Hisense TV, so it is not recommended to buy it
Author:Cai Chaoxia   Time:2021-09-11 08:02 Browse(null)
1. Panel is the key component of LCD TV, accounting for more than 2 / 3 of the total cost. At present, mainstream LCD manufacturers include LPL, Samsung, Taiwan Qimei Youda, etc. Among them, the 42 inch LCD produced by LPL company is hard screen, and the 40 inch LCD produced by SamSung company is soft screen. Although the technical parameters of hard screen and soft screen have little difference, according to the complex market situation of China's LCD TV, experts believe that the purchase of hard screen panel is more secure. It is also easy for consumers to identify. Touch the LCD screen with fingers. If there is no water mark, it can be identified as IPS hard screen. If there is water mark, it can be identified as VA soft screen.
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In this aspect of LCD TV, sharp's should have more advantages than Philips's, so if you want to buy it, you can consider sharp's. Or the landlord can go to the top ten brands website to inquire about the top ten brands first. Some of the brands recommended above are quite good, such as Sony Sony, Samsung Samsung, Hisense, LG LCD TV, which are all recommended above. You can go and have a look first.
Author:Su Tiangui   Time:2021-09-10 08:03 Browse(null)
Today's sharp is no longer Sharp's, America sold to Hisense, the rest was acquired by Foxconn, I advise you to consider the domestic brand, now do is very good, such as Hisense, now is the third international
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I recommend you to take a look at this one
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Not so good, sharp is vs soft screen. It's much worse than IPS hard screen. If you don't want to regret, it's safer to buy an IPS hard screen LCD TV. Like Konka, Skyworth, Hisense, Haier, LG and Changhong, they all use IPS hard screen technology.
Author:Tao Qinqin   Time:2021-09-05 11:22 Browse(null)
Hisense, of course
Author:Yang Yaorong   Time:2021-09-03 15:45 Browse(null)
Well, what can you say? Don't talk about imported panels. Note: why imported panels are not screens? Because a screen has several layers, only one of which is imported. The rest are all Taiwan panels. Even some joint venture entrants don't use their own screens, but use Taiwan screens. Because it's cheap, Skyworth is a domestic professional TV maker, which can't match?
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Sharp's G series is his high-end series. It uses its own ASV screen, which has the reputation of the father of LCD. Sharp LCD TV adopts double speed full
Author:Sun Xiaoyue   Time:2021-09-03 09:45 Browse(null)
Samsung "ledtv" should be exactly Samsung "LED backlight LCD TV". The essence has not changed, and the imaging effect can not get a qualitative leap, which is not cost-effective.
Author:Hong Jingjing   Time:2021-08-24 16:50 Browse(null)
Real LED TV does not exist, these are counterfeit, in fact, they are LED backlight LCD TV. I heard that the real LED will be on the market next year. If you want to buy an LED TV, you'd better wait patiently.
Author:Zhang Xuefeng   Time:2021-08-23 13:34 Browse(null)
Of course, Hisense and LG are better. They use IPS hard screen. Samsung uses vs soft screen. It's not so good. It's easy to show bad points and tailing. It's better for IPS hard screen
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Samsung TV inquiry model, serial number method: 1. Through the white label on the back of the TV inquiry model, serial number. 2. For some Samsung TVs, press the [PROJECT] key of the remote control (press the [more] key of the smart touch remote control to select [PROJECT]), and then select [support] - contact Samsung in turn to find the model and serial number of the TV on the page. Note: TV models can also be found on the invoice.
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Do you believe that a good LCD TV can be "touched"?
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Reasons for the hot sale of 42 inch IPS hard screen LCD TV Internet Consumer Research Center (ZDC) recently released a research report on the market attention of LCD TV in September. According to the report, the attention of 42 inch LCD TV ranked first, reaching 28%, 6.2 percentage points ahead of 32 inch LCD TV. 42 inch and 32 inch LCD TVs received 49.8% of the total attention, accounting for nearly 50% of the market share. It is not difficult to see that 42 inch and 32 inch products are the mainstream of LCD TV market. The 42 inch LCD TV has been on the top of the list for several consecutive months. This makes people wonder: what kind of charm makes 42 inch liquid/
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