Hello! I'm glad to be able to give you advice! I hope Xiaosheng's suggestions will help you choose your camera.
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It depends on how large it is. If it's big enough, you can only use large frames. The general 135 is definitely not good. Nikon's D3x is higher, but it's not good if it's enlarged.
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four thousand one hundred and thirty-two
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Original publisher: just a moment, please
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To see how bad method, is the screen broken or screen display black screen or screen
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It's no surprise that you use 600D
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A video processor is required.
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There are no other places for maintenance centers and cameras. They only have access to these places
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When you shoot a computer screen with a mobile phone, there will be electronic stripes one by one. Because the refresh rate of the screen is lower than the shutter speed of the mobile phone, the refresh rate is often called the hertz of the screen.
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The English name of optical zoom is optical zoom. Digital camera relies on optical lens structure to realize zoom.
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In the shooting state, the LCD on the back of the fuselage is always on, which is in the "instant view" state. Press the LV button on the right side of the screen to return to the normal view state. In addition, turn off the power, restart will also return to normal viewfinder state. Only by pressing the LV button, the reflector will rise, and then it will enter the real-time viewfinder state.
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the silhouette photo only shows the outline of the object, that is, the figures, buildings, mountains and trees in the photo only show their dark outline shape, and do not require the expression of its detailed shadow level, which is similar to the figure image cut by scissors. Silhouette photos can highlight the subject and show the figure's shape and posture.
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LCD is the liquid crystal display screen, which we are most familiar with. It can view, focus and watch playback. EVF can view, but not focus. It's the little window at the top of the camera. Neither of these is an optical viewfinder.
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Nowadays, most digital cameras have optical viewfinder and LCD viewfinder, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The error of optical viewfinder is large, especially in close range shooting, because ordinary optical viewfinder does not view through the lens, and the range of view often only accounts for about 80% of the actual imaging range. The advantage of LCD viewfinder is that it can take a panoramic view of the scene, what you see is the actual shot, and with playback, you can watch the shooting effect at any time, but the power consumption of LCD screen is too large, the number of pixels is limited, and the size is too small to observe the details, so it can only be used as an auxiliary viewfinder, pen/
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LCD and CCD are sensitive elements in the camera
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Synchronize the shutter with the screen refresh rate, or adjust the shutter angle
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