Of course, is sharp better than TCL? The price is also higher. If you are not sensitive to money, you'd better buy Sony and sharp
Author:Lin Yanni   Time:2021-09-11 12:28 Browse(null)
Compared with other brands, Samsung has different brands, different design concepts, different configurations and so on. Each has its own advantages. It is recommended to choose the right model according to the needs and preferences. If you need to know more about Samsung's current popular flagship models, it is recommended to visit Samsung's official website for reference
Author:Li Zhenwei   Time:2021-08-19 14:40 Browse(null)
It's not general garbage. If there's something wrong with the monitor, look for TCL
Author:Han Qun   Time:2021-08-18 21:49 Browse(null)
Author:Zhang Jianhong   Time:2021-08-08 17:56 Browse(null)
Author:Tao Yulu   Time:2021-08-05 09:12 Browse(null)
Panel buttons "+", "-", "menu", power switch.
Author:Gao Fei   Time:2021-08-02 14:37 Browse(null)
LZ is talking about tclm520 LCD, 1 turn off the power of your monitor, 2 press and hold the menu key, 3 turn on the power, at this time, the menu key still don't let go, 4 when the menu screen appears, it is the factory mode, 5 later, please pay attention to "Shandong Xinyuan maintenance network"
Author:Xiao Caixia   Time:2021-08-01 17:58 Browse(null)
Method of entering factory mode
Author:Ke Wenhong   Time:2021-08-01 11:19 Browse(null)
It depends on what type you buy. The technology of Chunping is the same now. These brands are OK. If you choose LCD or LED, Hisense is still good. Skyworth can also choose. TCL is not so good. In my 10 years of home appliance maintenance, Hisense preferred (made in Qingdao) Skyworth to choose (made in Shenzhen) TCL.
Author:jkl   Time:2021-07-30 13:32 Browse(null)
LCD TV has rich product lines, fashionable appearance, high picture definition and low radiation. There are many additional functions of TV, such as Internet function and Changhong music education function, which can better meet the needs of families;
Author:Chen Haiying   Time:2021-07-21 10:16 Browse(null)
In the past two years, LCD TV has become the first choice for people to buy TV. My family also changed a LCD TV not long ago. It's a few well-known brands of LCD TV found on my brother's shopping brand inquiry website, such as sharp sharp sharp, Sony Sony, Samsung, Hisense, LG and so on. Finally, we chose a Hisense one with little support from the domestic one, It's not bad. As for the 50 inch you want, it's too big. Ha ha, big money, ha ha.
Author:Jin Jingjie   Time:2021-07-20 11:19 Browse(null)
Trendforce has released the Q3 global top five brand TV shipping rankings, with Samsung, LG, TCL, Hisense and Xiaomi ranking the top five. 0 k& Q2 B' C+ f# A: r( p0 f' K/ \3 L3 Y!Q0 j& a- _ , j6f6 U8 ~ 7 m5w4 Z trendforce said that thanks to the sharp increase of 20% of TV demand in North America and the postponement of TV brand manufacturers' delivery schedule in the first half of the year due to the epidemic situation, the peak season effect in the third quarter was more significant, with 62.05 million TV sets, a record single season high, with a quarterly growth rate of 38.8% and an annual growth rate of 12.9%. (yh5k (R2 U4 Q; S1 O5 G0 q! It home noted that Samsung ranked first with 14.2 million units, a year-on-year increase of 36.4%; TCL shipped 7.33 million units, a year-on-year increase of 52.7%; Xiaomi shipped 3.38 million units, a year-on-year increase of 22.9%).
Author:Fan Mengjun   Time:2021-04-14 16:52 Browse(null)
Samsung display, which has decided to quit its large-scale LCD business, will provide quantum dot panels to Chinese TV manufacturer TCL in the first half of next year, South Korea's Central Daily reported, citing an unnamed person in the industry. TCL plans to launch 65 inch TVs with qd-oled panels at IFA next September, while Samsung Electronics still has no plans to use quantum dot panels on its TVs. - @" Y4 J+ N6 \) C8 g5 d* ^. K# ~) I2 I7 |, I。 Samsung's technology is really advanced!
Author:jiang00318   Time:2021-04-14 09:15 Browse(null)
Recently, the panel industry ushered in a strong recovery. BOE a, TCL technology, rainbow shares and other panel companies all experienced trading limits last week. 9 S9 P: X8 @ "@ 8 Q7 |# L. in this regard, industry insiders pointed out that behind the strong performance of the plate, it has something to do with the continuous price rise of LCD products. TCL technology said that in 2021, the new production line will continue to climb, but driven by large-scale, the overall TV panel supply will be reduced. #Under the high prosperity of I "} 4B 'U" X1K industry, TCL technology's panel companies have made outstanding achievements. Relevant financial reports showed that the net profit of TCL Huaxing in the third quarter was 700 million yuan, up 151.6% year on year and 660 million yuan month on month. 7 E6 H0 B (J3 L) then, combined with the current industry environment, has the turning point of TCL technology's profitability appeared? In the short term, LCD products are expected to usher in a favorable situation of both volume and price rise, which may be a major guarantee for TCL technology to improve its short-term profitability.
Author:He Li   Time:2021-04-13 17:59 Browse(null)
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