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As a matter of fact, the LED display used by the public is not complicated. If you have a certain knowledge of circuit and computer, you can learn how to assemble and operate. Shenzhen Mingpai Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of LED display series and supporting products, from module unit board to power aluminum profile and control card. Interested advertising companies can buy a series of supporting products from here, The company arranges technicians to provide on-the-spot guidance service, hand-in-hand demonstration. Please refer to the website:
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This is the LED electronic display control software editing problem, use more editing, you know how to use, if not, can help you remote look.
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This is the LED electronic display control software editing problem, use more editing, you know how to use, if not, can help you remote look.
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The advertising part of the screen is good or bad. Only good results are better than bad ones. The advertisement effect of luxurious area is sure to be better. Of course, the price will be relatively expensive. It is suggested that you analyze what kind of advertisement is suitable for those people, and then choose where and when to put the advertisement. Chengdu LED display brand has Chengdu Zhongyao Technology Co., Ltd
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1. The size and width of the full screen poster must be set to 1920 pixels, the width is generally self-determined, the height of 400-500 is the best, the file resolution is set to 72, the normal LCD computer can place two posters of the same type, and the customer service can get two ads without scrolling. High practicability.
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Samsung is leading, and TCL is a follower. What kind of thing is metv? How dare you say leading? It's funny, isn't it
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Install the shelf first, fix it, take the power line, signal line and external equipment.
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It depends on what kind of technician you are. You need to work overtime when you are busy
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Philips exited the projector market six years ago. It was very difficult to repair the projector that Philips bought before. Suggest to buy Japanese brand or domestic brand, good price, easy maintenance, can consult: Dongguan bode Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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That's too much. You go to Alibaba
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We specialize in maintenance.
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LCM itself is a display module, usually used for LCD display module, because the LCD screen itself does not emit light, so the backlight module is needed to provide the phenomenon function!
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TV as the most common household appliances. With the progress of science and technology, from black-and-white TV to color TV, and then to digital TV, the progress of science and technology makes the TV from the original big and heavy, to a more lightweight and beautiful LCD screen TV. Now there are many LCD TV brands on the market, so how to choose a TV suitable for your family.
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Indoor LED display 2113 screens are mainly divided into three levels:
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Shenzhen lihelilai Technology Co., Ltd. (lihelilai for short) is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service of LED display screen. Its main products include outdoor LED display screen, small spacing LED display screen, indoor LED display screen, full-color LED display screen, etc/
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The traditional LCD display uses glass as the substrate, then large-scale integrated circuit is made on the glass, and finally liquid crystal is filled. Due to the backlight, polarizer, filter and other components, the traditional LCD is difficult to be flexible; The traditional AMOLED screen (hard screen) is also made of large-scale integrated circuit on the glass substrate, and finally evaporated on the OLED light-emitting layer (front board). Because the OLED light-emitting layer itself has the characteristics of flexibility, and the OLED display is active light-emitting, and does not need the backlight part, so OLED is the best way to realize the real flexible display at present.
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Different manufacturers use different raw materials, the price will be different. The price difference of display screen mainly lies in lamp chip, driver chip, switching power supply, control software, frame design and so on. Pay more attention to these aspects when buying.
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It depends on what type of screen you make. If it is P10 full color, it can be 7040 * 2880
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