It's almost out of the question. The price of changing a screen is about two-thirds of that of a new machine. Either it's a universal screen or a motherboard, so you can watch it for about a year at most,
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The appearance of the p2370g is better than that of the first three models. Whose screen you use depends on your luck. The screens used in different batches of the same model are often different. But now, in order to save costs, Samsung uses more Taiwan Chimei screens/
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1. Because of different brands, the design concepts of products are also different, and each has its own advantages. 2. It is recommended to select the appropriate display according to the needs and preferences.
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HP must be good. It doesn't matter if it's OEM or not. Even OEM has products selected by experts.
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The backlight brightness of LCD for mobile phone is controlled by CABC, which means content adaptive brightness adjustment in Chinese.
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Q2 mobile phone shipment in 2020: Samsung, Huawei and apple still occupy the top three. The report points out that in the second quarter of this year, the mobile phone shipment volume decreased by 20.4% year on year to 295 million units, and the main leaders did not change much. Samsung and Huawei respectively gained 20% market share, while Apple ranked third with 13.5% market share. Among them, Huawei's share is 20%, ranking second in the world, slightly lower than Samsung's; Xiaomi's share is 10%, ranking fourth in the world; oppo's share is 9%, vivo's share is 8%, and Lenovo's share is 3%.
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Huawei denies selling glory! TCL electronics then plummeted, the largest drop of nearly 20%. On the news side, "Apple brother" Guo Mingxu's analysis report pointed out that Huawei's sale of glory mobile phone business will be a win-win situation for glory brand, suppliers and China's electronics industry. Once glory is independent from Huawei, its purchase of parts will not be affected by the ban, which will also help the growth of glory's mobile phone business and suppliers. Secondly, it is very difficult to form a brand. Glory's independence can maximize the brand and help the independent and controllable development of China's electronic industry. Thirdly, under Huawei's system, glory's independent purchase of parts will not be affected by the ban, Glory's current positioning is only low-end models. If it is independent, it can continue to develop high-end models. &However, this news has been denied by Huawei, and tianyancha app shows that TCL electronics has plummeted.
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According to the latest report released by market research company IDC, apple ranks fourth among the world's top smartphone suppliers in terms of market share. The technology giant had previously reported a year-on-year drop in iPhone revenue in the fourth quarter. Vivo ranked in the top five with a total shipment of 31.5 million units and a market share of 8.9%. This result is better than IDC's initial forecast. As COVID-19 continues to spread, the agency expects shipments to fall by 9%. Apple reported its fourth quarter results on Thursday, pointing out that iPhone sales fell 21 percent, in part because iPhone 12 sales started later than in previous years. All of Apple's hardware divisions except the iPhone grew in the third quarter, thanks to the trend of working from home and distance learning.
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According to Indian media reports, the smartphone market in the price range of 10000 rupees to 25000 rupees is becoming the biggest battlefield for Xiaomi, Samsung Electronics, oppo and vivo in India. As India's top four smartphone brands, the target area for which the four companies are competing is expected to be the fastest growing part of India's smartphone market this year. Therefore, in order to seize market share in India, manufacturers must pay attention to mobile phones at this price. Since 2016, oppo and India have been the strongest contenders to enter the field. Xiaomi has surpassed the two domestic competitors and Samsung to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in India. Oppo, vivo and Samsung Electronics are now fighting back. Samsung Electronics has launched four such products in the past few weeks.
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Foxconn is testing two prototype foldable iPhones with Samsung OLED panels. One of them is a dual screen model, the screen does not fold, but the fuselage can; the other is a folding model, similar to Samsung Galaxy Z flip. At present, the two prototypes are being tested in Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, but they are not complete finished models, just to test the reliability of screen and hinge. According to Samsung Galaxy Z fold and Z flip standards, it needs to complete 300000 fold tests before it can pass. In addition, it is reported that Apple has applied for patents related to folding mobile phones. ' e2 _ 6 R # I "[9 f it home understands that there will be a number of flexible screen mobile phones to be released this year. With the increase of domestic flexible panel production capacity, it is expected that the price of new folding screen mobile phones will further decline.
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