The screen is dimmed because the light around you is weaker
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At present, there are two kinds of 0 mm seamless LCD splicing screen: electronic 0 mm splicing screen and optical 0 mm splicing screen to meet the needs of users. Through two different display principles, the seamless splicing effect of large screen can be achieved.
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What you see when you open it is usually soft
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Optics is a subject with a long history. In the early 1960s, the birth of lasers made photons an effective carrier of information and energy. With the development of optical technology, laser technology and optoelectronic technology, optics plays a more and more important role in the fields of information science, energy science, materials science, space science, precision machinery, computer science, microelectronics technology, biomedicine and engineering technology.
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LCD is the liquid crystal display screen, which we are most familiar with. It can view, focus and watch playback. EVF can view, but not focus. It's the little window at the top of the camera. Neither of these is an optical viewfinder.
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Nowadays, most digital cameras have optical viewfinder and LCD viewfinder, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The error of optical viewfinder is large, especially in close range shooting, because ordinary optical viewfinder does not view through the lens, and the range of view often only accounts for about 80% of the actual imaging range. The advantage of LCD viewfinder is that it can take a panoramic view of the scene, what you see is the actual shot, and with playback, you can watch the shooting effect at any time, but the power consumption of LCD screen is too large, the number of pixels is limited, and the size is too small to observe the details, so it can only be used as an auxiliary viewfinder, pen/
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Apple's new fingerprint patent pending touch ID may return to iPhone. Apple has been canceling touch ID for several years, and now it has been promoting face ID. At the beginning of the year, because of the epidemic, people had to go with masks, which made face ID a bit embarrassed. However, it is reported that Apple has put touch ID back on the agenda. , R7 ~% I1 n * o; O2 o'e it is reported that apple can add touch ID to iPhone again by using infrared light and penetrating display imaging technology without reintroducing physical home key. On Tuesday, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office approved a patent application called "short wave infrared optical imaging through electronic device display screen". In this patent, apple proposed a method of fingerprint identification using short wave infrared optical imaging, which can be regarded as Apple's touch ID technology under the screen.
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Wall Street Journal: Apple iPhone 13 series is expected to use fingerprint under optical screen. According to Joanna stern of the Wall Street Journal, apple is developing on-screen fingerprint technology for iPhone 13, which will be used as an auxiliary biometric function along with face ID. Stern shared the news in an article on Samsung's Galaxy S21 features, which could be integrated into the next iPhone. ; Q "C $B. o6y earlier there were rumors about touch ID in Apple's display, such as apple analyst Guo Mingxu and mark gulman of Bloomberg, who said it was a feature Apple was considering adding to the new iPhone. &No matter how the P4 G2 s is implemented, touch ID's return to iPhone is welcome, because it will provide more choices for iPhone's unlocking in different situations, as well as a layer of security.
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