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If the LCD advertising machine can input the VGA signal needed by the computer monitor, and has the matching resolution, I think it can be used.
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LCD computer 7a686964616fe78988e69d8331333236356661, because the computer is made of a variety of chemicals, even if the LCD screen is better, but long-term computer, radiation will make your eyes cataract, retinal membrane will fall off and other diseases. It's better not to watch the computer for a long time. LCD computer screen is more harmful to eyesight
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It's better not to use LCD TV screen instead of computer screen. Due to different application fields, the screen, size, brightness, contrast, gamut, color temperature, response time, interface and so on are different. In their respective fields, it can be said that they can not perfectly replace each other.
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At present, Samsung's home LCD displays are 18.5 inches, 19 inches, 19.5 inches, 20 inches, 21.5 inches, 22 inches, 23 inches, 23.6 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches, 28 inches, 31.5 inches and 34 inches.
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At present, Samsung's home LCD displays are 18.5 inches, 19 inches, 19.5 inches, 20 inches, 21.5 inches, 22 inches, 23 inches, 23.6 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches, 28 inches, 31.5 inches and 34 inches.
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It depends on whether the screen is imported or domestic. Samsung's low-end products also use domestic screens, and AOC's high-end products also use imported screens. A penny a cent goods, official website flagship store to buy good. Most of them are OEM, the brand is not important.
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Not necessarily
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Seven details of LCD
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1. The working principle is different. LCD TV has more video receiving functions than LCD, so the cost will increase a lot. In addition, the popularity of LCD TV is not as good as LCD, and the price is also higher than LCD.
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In the case of the same size, there are several reasons for the price gap: brand, panel, advertising, positioning, after-sales and channels. 1. Brand; For example, do you think Sony is good or homemade Shanzhai Sany? If you choose the former only by the appeal of the brand, then you have to pay for the brand. 2. About 80% of the cost of a LCD is concentrated on the panel. There are only a few companies that master the core technology of the panel: Samsung, LG Philips, Youda, etc. due to the differences in the technical level of each company, the LCD panels produced are roughly divided into different types. Common/
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Just one, liquid crystal display
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According to the principle, projectors can be divided into three types: single LCD and 3lcd
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This... Needs to enter the engineering mode of the display... And the model code of the panel manufacturer... You should go to the LCD BBS to post such questions
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It's better to buy 23 inches or 27 inches. A bigger size can make your eyes not tired, and you won't feel tired after long-term use. Watch online TV news or movie blockbuster after work, have a good sense of presence. In the long run, it is conducive to the long-term vitality of eyesight. My laptop is 15.6 inches, my desktop computer is 23 inches, and my predecessor is 21 inches. The advantage is that I am 65 years old now. I don't need to wear glasses to type, surf the Internet, and watch TV, which brings me full confidence and confidence.
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The difference between computer monitor 1080 and 2k and 4K:
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Disadvantages: ensure the right distance, need space; The power consumption of TV for display; Generally speaking, the response time of the TV is longer than that of the monitor, and the fast game has the phenomenon of tailing. Some TV sets with 1080p or above are selected, which increases the investment.
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