Baotou Tianfang Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia. It is a regular company specializing in the production and sales of LED electronic flash light box, led manual electronic display screen, LED electronic display screen, led ultra-thin light box and LED electronic light box controller. Baotou Tianfang Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. adheres to many years of professional production experience, and constantly introduces, absorbs and develops production technology. It has a variety of advanced computer technology, light source technology, electronic technology, automatic control program technology and strong technical force. It has a group of excellent scientific and technological research and development talents, and has long been committed to LED electronic flashing light box, led manual electronic display, LED electronic display, LED electronic display, LED electronic display, LED electronic display, LED electronic display, LED electronic display, LED electronic display, LED electronic display, LED electronic display, LED Led ultra thin light/
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There are two ways of operation, one is to find customers, the other is to make good advertising and other customers.
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1. Installation method
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Touch screen input data, such as processing size and cutting number
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Electronic saw (also known as computer cutting saw / electronic cutting saw / computer cutting saw / electronic cutting saw / numerical control cutting saw / numerical control cutting machine, etc.), its operation steps are mainly for a simple operation prompt after adding cutting optimization software, Its operation mode does not show the operation steps. Hope to help you, thank you!
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Electronic light box
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If you want to pay for the promo on the big electronic screen,
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In fact, the wiring mode of LED display and light box circuit is very simple. Our company trained in this field two years ago, but now it has stopped. We have five technologies, which are now free and selfless. We suggest you go to our company's training website, www.0551led.com
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The market prospect of LED electronic signboard is excellent, it has three advantages
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-Ink, commonly known as "electronic black water", is a kind of technology. The screen made with this technology is called e-ink screen, or electronic paper.
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The market prospect of LED electronic signboard is excellent, it has three advantages
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The processing process of rolling light box is as follows: the design of appearance, the determination of light box material, color, structure and appearance. Nowadays, galvanized steel plate is widely used to process light box in China. The products made of pure galvanized steel plate are often not beautiful enough, and their waterproof function is not ideal. Generally, a simple waterproof groove is made inside, and a better adhesive rubber strip is used for waterproof,
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Main tasks
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Many customers come to warner for LED display, but when the business personnel analyze led and LCD with customers, the customers are confused. They don't know much about LED, but now they come out with an LCD, and the customers are confused. So in this case, Xiaobian here will introduce what led and LCD are and the difference between them.
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OLED display technology is different from the traditional LCD display mode. It does not need backlight. It uses very thin organic material coating and glass substrate. When there is current passing through, these organic materials will emit light.
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OLED is organic light emitting diode (OLED)
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OLED is organic light emitting diode (OLED)
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LG, the world's first commercial scroll screen mobile phone, to fail? BOE, scroll screen project holding... Industry: "it's difficult to launch finished products at present". This is the influence of MC business headquarters, which is in charge of LG electronic's smartphone, re studying the origin of mobile business. 50. T $n) [according to the electronics and parts industry, the scroll screen smartphone project of LG Electronics has been suspended. BOE, a Chinese display company responsible for the supply of OLED panels for LG scroll screens, has stopped all projects related to LG scroll screens. Another relevant person in the industry said: "although BOE and LG Electronics have demonstrated the videos of LG's scroll screen products in terms of technology, it is expected that it will be difficult to produce finished products", "BOE yield problem and the weak brand strength of LG's smartphone are the stumbling blocks, but it is difficult to concentrate on the marketing of the scroll screen mobile phones under the situation that the prospect of LG's smartphone business is unclear.
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