Mobile phone screen material: LCD screen is also known as liquid crystal display, the main screen material can be divided into TFT screen, IPS screen, Nova screen; The main application of OLED screen is AMOLED material, also known as organic light emitting diode. The main performance and advantages of these screen materials can be summarized as follows:
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Not exactly, Samsung AMOLED is better
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Samsung SDI in Korea and Qijing Optoelectronics in Taiwan
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AMOLED screen has high gamut, NTSC gamut can generally reach more than 100%, while the wide gamut LCD used on general mobile phones only has about 95% NTSC. AMOLED screen color is generally very bright, personal preferences are different. The contrast is much higher than the LCD screen. Because each pixel of AMOLED screen can emit light independently, the pixels that display black in AMOLED do not emit light, which makes AMOLED screen more power-saving than LCD screen. At the same time, AMOLED screens can be made thinner and bent. However, the life of AMOLED screen is not as high as that of LCD. In order to ensure the life, pentile is used
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The screen material of vivox21 is super
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Disadvantages of Samsung's superoled screen:
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FHD refers to the screen resolution of 1920 * 1080; AMOLED screen structure has three layers, AMOLED display screen, touch sensitive panel and the outer protective layer of glass. Super
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The mobile phone screen is divided into LCD screen and OLED screen
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1. Low resolution: when it comes to resolution, we have to mention the sub-pixel arrangement of LCD screen and OLED screen. When we talk about the arrangement, we have to talk about the display principle of LCD and OLED screen. In order to save space, generally speaking, the essential difference between the two is the different ways of light-emitting. You can simply understand that the light-emitting of LCD is a row of white lights in the back and a colored plastic film in the front. After the white light irradiates the plastic film, different colors appear. The OLED screen is composed of small color bulbs, which can emit light itself, And also can control each small light bulb on and off.
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LCD screen is a backlight, the pixel itself does not emit light, need the light behind the screen to emit light. AMOLED is essentially led, that is, each pixel on the screen can emit light independently.
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Eye protection... I think it's the LCD screen. Omri is so gorgeous. I can't stand it anyway
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