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As long as you can watch the TV after repair, no matter where he changes it? My Samsung 55 inch screen was replaced by them at my home. After a few days, someone called back and asked me about the repair and replacement process. Maybe it's because of the maintenance staff.
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Sharp's TV sets are expensive. The LCD screen is imported from Japan. Other parts are purchased from all over the world. The machine is assembled in Nanjing. To tell you the truth, the quality is not very good. LCD is a big selling point, but it's easy to break. I have a friend who worked as a customer service in sharp. He said that there are many people who called to report for repair, and they are still within the warranty period of one year. When users buy such expensive things, they are so easy to break. Naturally, they are not satisfied. They call to vent their anger on the customer service girl, and their daily work is really disturbing. In fact, I really sympathize with the users who buy sharp. Those who can buy sharp are rich. It's a waste of money/
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I don't know whether you want to buy low-end LCD TV or high-end LCD TV. If you want to buy high-end LCD TV, I suggest you choose sharp. Sharp has great strength in high-end LCD TV and releases many new LCD TV products every year.
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Sharp lcd-50s3a
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Well, what can you say? Don't talk about imported panels. Note: why imported panels are not screens? Because a screen has several layers, only one of which is imported. The rest are all Taiwan panels. Even some joint venture entrants don't use their own screens, but use Taiwan screens. Because it's cheap, Skyworth is a domestic professional TV maker, which can't match?
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At present, the mainstream of 46 inch LCD splicing screen is Samsung original screen. According to your demand unit, the single chip is about 8000, and it will float up and down according to the market fluctuation.
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Sharp, because LCD
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SKYWORTH mainly makes TVs, and the LCD panels on their TVs are made in other countries. That is to say, to buy all kinds of accessories from other countries for assembly and sale.
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First of all, I don't recommend buying foreign brands. Although the price of foreign brands has dropped sharply, the main reason is CCFL LCD TV, that is, high energy consumption LCD TV. At present, foreign brands such as sharp, in order to save costs, mostly use domestic OEM. The quality is no different from that of domestic brands. The only difference is that the price is much higher. In addition, at present, Philips China TV business is sold to TPV, so I suggest choosing domestic brands.
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Reasons for the hot sale of 42 inch IPS hard screen LCD TV Internet Consumer Research Center (ZDC) recently released a research report on the market attention of LCD TV in September. According to the report, the attention of 42 inch LCD TV ranked first, reaching 28%, 6.2 percentage points ahead of 32 inch LCD TV. 42 inch and 32 inch LCD TVs received 49.8% of the total attention, accounting for nearly 50% of the market share. It is not difficult to see that 42 inch and 32 inch products are the mainstream of LCD TV market. The 42 inch LCD TV has been on the top of the list for several consecutive months. This makes people wonder: what kind of charm makes 42 inch liquid/
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SKYWORTH is quite good... Skyworth must be suitable for you. Skyworth LED is a TV that can combine entertainment and functions. You can sing karaoke, watch online movies, music and pictures at home. So download. High definition, high speed and high compatibility. It is also the sponsor of Hunan Satellite TV's challenge microphone. Plug in the USB flash drive that Skyworth gave you at home and order voice songs. Then you can sing. 3000 songs are built in. If you practice at home, you will be good Maybe you can go to Hunan Satellite TV for free... Pick up the wheat on the spot... Voice song ordering is to say the song name directly, and the system can recognize it. There are many ways of song ordering. After singing, you can record it and give you a score... It's a TV with high entertainment performance/
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As for watching cable or digital cable, you may not be able to see the difference between a TV, but when you watch led and LCD in sharp's booth, you will feel that led has higher contrast, better color, lower energy consumption and longer service life. However, as for Sharp's three common LED series on the market, they are le700a (equipped with sharp's latest generation of X-ray super crystal panel and direct backlight frequency doubling 100 / 120Hz) / lx710 (equipped with more le700a, Duba technology is 6 channels, better than le700 contrast and color) / lx710a (this series has more digital ground receiving function, and others are no different from lx710), As for you watching cable or/
Author:Wang Xinyu   Time:2021-08-07 09:22 Browse(null)
I prefer domestic ones, and many of them are hard screen models. The picture quality is not to be said. For example, the flat panel TV standard of "network multimedia center + LED LCD TV" created by Hisense has become a new development direction of color TV industry.
Author:Yu Hang   Time:2021-08-06 15:48 Browse(null)
Shenzhen is one of the LCD TV production bases! Basically, all the major brands have a foothold in Shenzhen, either R & D base or headquarters are rooted here! It mainly centers on the science and technology park. We know that the LCD TV brands with factories in Shenzhen are: Shenzhen Skyworth Electronics Co., Ltd. (Kukai TV), Shenzhen Konka Group (Sports HD TV), Shenzhen Lexin Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (personalized TV)
Author:Peng Ximei   Time:2021-08-06 08:04 Browse(null)
At present, the top three TV large-size LCD panels in China are BOE, Huaxing optoelectronics and Panda Electronics under China Electronics Group. Small and medium size has Tianma, Kunshan Longteng. Huaxing optoelectronics is a subsidiary of TCL, domestic TV such as Changhong, Skyworth, etc., have used these two, just don't say! Just like domestic mobile phones, many of them are Tianma's, but we only talk about the concept of resolution and IPS to hype/
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Reduce the volume to the lowest level, and press the display key of the remote control to enter.
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SKYWORTH's LCD panel's strategic partner is South Korea's LGD company, formerly known as LG Philips. Now both sides have established LGD LCD panel production base in Guangzhou. Therefore, the majority of Skyworth TV now adopts LG screen. In addition, Skyworth also produces its own screen. The key raw material is Taiwan Qimei, which is produced by Skyworth LCD company and named Skyworth screen. Some of the energy-saving and low-power screens come from Chimei. They have also been used, including sharp, Samsung, Hitachi, lexuan, BOE, Shanghai optoelectronics, Au and other auxiliary uses, but the amount of use is small, most of them are small size.
Author:Luo Liping   Time:2021-08-01 17:54 Browse(null)
It depends on what type you buy. The technology of Chunping is the same now. These brands are OK. If you choose LCD or LED, Hisense is still good. Skyworth can also choose. TCL is not so good. In my 10 years of home appliance maintenance, Hisense preferred (made in Qingdao) Skyworth to choose (made in Shenzhen) TCL.
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1. 4K TV is a TV with 4K resolution. 4K resolution means 4096 pixels × The resolution of 2160 is 4 times that of 2K projector and HDTV, which belongs to Ultra HD resolution. In this resolution, the audience will be able to see every detail, every close-up.
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