Our playground P6 outdoor full-color LED display is Shenzhen xincaichen technology, two years, very good..
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Pediatric Q & A ~ ~ ~ ha ha
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In addition to the display screen, to see if you need sound, you need to add audio. There are also some special requirements, such as real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, which need to add some probes. In addition, when the large screen area is relatively large, the video processor also needs to be added, and so on. The details also depend on the required functions and requirements.
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LED display with wire, generally not practical with leakage protector air switch, otherwise it will jump, switch power leakage
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You can add air conditioning temperature control equipment, just set the temperature for the first time. General air conditioning installation and maintenance of the master can change. In the future, as long as the power is on, the air conditioner will start about 3 minutes later, even if the power is off immediately, the power will not damage the air conditioner. And it will stop when it reaches the specified temperature, and it will start automatically when the temperature rises.
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Outdoor prices range from 2500 yuan per square meter to 6500 yuan per square meter
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There may be a short circuit in the LED electronic display or a wrong power supply
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I'm Beijing tianmahui LED display manufacturer
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The screen of electronic watch is LCD.
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Most of the customers who purchase Zhengzhou LED display screen are used to play video and audio files, either for publicity or demonstration. The video format supported by LED display screen mainly depends on the control software of LED display screen. Generally, it supports multiple formats of graphics and text: TXT, Doc, RTF, avi, JPEG, MOV, MPEG, DAT, VOB, BMP, JPG
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There are a lot of display screen manufacturers now. Big manufacturers such as LianJian, Riad, Zhouming and qipuguang are all listed companies. Wholesale manufacturers include Haijia Cailiang, Qiangli Jucai, etc. if it's a big screen, it's recommended to make an inquiry first and then find a local engineer to do it. In this way, the price will not be expensive and the quality will be guaranteed. By the way, LED electronic display from the manufacturer is just a box or module, belongs to semi-finished products, the later installation process is very important, and, if it is used for advertising, it is best to consider energy-saving screen (not just the concept yo), a 100 square screen, open more than ten hours a day, can save tens of thousands a year.
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If the whole screen scrolling process is this kind of display effect, it may be that the software is not set well!
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The corrected LED display screen can perfectly eliminate mosaic, flower screen, color difference, pockmarked flower, dirty screen body, bright and dark lines, differences between multiple batches of boxes and edge darkening. After we light up the color corrected display screen one by one, it is uniform, delicate and smooth as a mirror, greatly improving the color uniformity of the display screen, and the display effect is far better than that of the uncorrected display screen, Keep your display as new as ever.
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There are two types of displays:
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Zhende electronics professional LED display, LED electronic light box, guardrail tube production; Website:;
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This is related to the type of LED screen, which can be viewed on the manufacturer's website.
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1. Is your screen single red? It means that only red ones can be displayed
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