The general naming method of sharp TV is display mode + size + Series + code or number.
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In general, if it is a set-top box of radio and television, most of them can be connected to the AV interface of the TV by using the AV cable. The AV cable has a three color plug, which is aimed at the AV jack of the TV and set-top box, and the color is corresponding. Then insert the external signal cable into the signal input port of the set-top box, start the TV and set-top box, switch the signal source or input selection of the TV to AV mode or video mode to display the picture of the set-top box, and then you can start to use the set-top box to watch TV programs.
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This type of TV has a wide range of input interfaces. HDMI cable is used to connect HD STB, and AV cable (red, yellow and white plug) is used to connect SD STB.
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Sharp lcd-46lx750a adopts the original Japanese LCD panel. It adheres to the traditional style of consistent atmosphere and steadiness in appearance, but in the base design, it has a rounder appearance than before, making the product look more vivid.
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Generally speaking, the quality of TV sets of this brand is good. You can see the specific model and configuration.
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Liquid crystal display (LCD)
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Not bad, but you can't buy low-end brand TV, because low-end TV of foreign brands is likely to use Taiwan LCD screen!
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Very good ~ ~ in use ~ ~ nothing bad ~ ~ you can ask some specific, I give you answer ~ ~ I use 60
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This situation should be overheat protection. Now you can basically judge whether the power board or inverter is damaged. You can observe the flashing of the indicator light. If the red LED is flashing all the time, it may be that the power board or inverter is damaged. If the red light and green light are flashing alternately, you can see if there is any foreign matter blocking the cover hole. If not, it may be that the power board or inverter is damaged, It's estimated that you can't repair it yourself. You need to find sharp after-sales service. If sharp maintenance is expensive, you need to be prepared.
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Sharp / sharp
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Usually, only the set-top box remote control has the function of code learning, and the TV remote control does not have this function, so we can only use the set-top box remote control to carry out code learning. Later, some common and simple functions of remote control TV are introduced.
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If you have a socket, you can definitely watch videos. What formats are supported in the manual. If you don't write in detail, you can find a few short videos and convert them into different formats. For those HD formats, I'll give you an order of wma / VOB / mov / AVI / MKV / RMVB / RM with high definition. If the definition is good, then the bottom will be blurred. The best is AVI / RMVB / RM, because the file is not particularly large definition.
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Advantages of TV:
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Sharp lcd-55s3a
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The power light is red in standby. The screen is black. There is no sound. There is no response when you press the remote control. But press the red switch button on the remote control, the power light on the TV can turn red and green.
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Lcd-52lx550a TV has no system, so it is impossible to install playback software
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It's true. Sharp's lcd-58u1a TV has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, up to the standard of 4K TV.
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Sharp TV lcd58u3a and 58u1a are both sharp 58 inch 4K ultra high definition network smart TV sets
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The performance gap between the two TVs is 0
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