In some cases. If the monitor's power adapter is external. External interference will also appear shaking. Try setting the display resolution. If you change the resolution. The words are not flashing. Try to remove other unrelated electrical appliances around the machine. You can find another adapter with the same parameter to replace.. Press the display set key..
Author:Xiong Wei   Time:2021-10-14 17:56 Browse(null)
Nowadays, the popularity of LCD (TV) display is higher and higher, but many people still have some mistakes in cleaning LCD.
Author:Chen Shaochuan   Time:2021-10-13 17:55 Browse(null)
In addition to doing image design, it must be good to use LCD.
Author:Yu Defeng   Time:2021-10-13 15:47 Browse(null)
Theoretically, there is no problem, but in fact, when watching 4K TV, other effects are not good.
Author:df   Time:2021-10-13 13:31 Browse(null)
All right! Now this TV has a VGA interface, you can use it with a VGA cable!
Author:Chen tingfei   Time:2021-10-13 08:05 Browse(null)
LCD uses a lamp tube similar to an energy-saving lamp as a backlight
Author:Li Yuting   Time:2021-10-12 15:44 Browse(null)
Author:Chen Wenli   Time:2021-10-12 13:31 Browse(null)
Lens paper
Author:Ou Deling   Time:2021-10-10 15:46 Browse(null)
Founded in April 1993, BOE is a high-tech company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange of China. BOE's business focuses on display technology, products and services. Its main products maintain a leading position in China or the world in their respective fields. BOE is the largest TFT-LCD manufacturer in mainland China and the ninth largest in the world. It is also the only enterprise with TFT-LCD core technology in mainland China and the largest monitor manufacturer in the world. Its VFD production and sales volume ranks first in China and third in the world, It is the second largest CRT manufacturer in China. The above can be seen: BOE's LED LCD is not the main product/
Author:Yang Ying   Time:2021-10-09 16:53 Browse(null)
Although LZ didn't say what monitor it was, no matter what monitor it was, there was no need to repair it after it was broken. Just buy a new one.
Author:Yu Shuifeng   Time:2021-10-09 12:27 Browse(null)
You should be talking about print grade displays. This is one of the professional displays. The main difference from ordinary display lies in the wide range of gamut (CRT does not have this problem) and good color linearity (gamma curve is close to the theoretical line). It can deal with many gray levels. The response speed of dynamic image is not high. Of course, the display driver is also very important. It is required to accurately simulate various color modes and output devices.
Author:wuying0609   Time:2021-10-09 09:39 Browse(null)
Yes, but the graininess of the TV is obvious. It's not as delicate as the computer monitor, and it can't be seen too close. Too high brightness is harmful to the eyes, so it's suitable for watching from a distance. Some small-size TVs use the screen of the monitor, which basically has the same performance as the monitor. This kind of TV can be used as the monitor, but the brightness is still slightly higher.
Author:Li Zuo   Time:2021-10-08 17:57 Browse(null)
Author:Luotinger   Time:2021-10-07 17:54 Browse(null)
Don't answer the questions if you don't understand.
Author:Wang Guojin   Time:2021-10-07 13:35 Browse(null)
I only know the name of the first electronic computer
Author:Yan Qing   Time:2021-09-30 14:38 Browse(null)
Author:The kiss of the heart   Time:2021-09-30 12:27 Browse(null)
Computer LCD mainly focus on resolution, relative video color is not as good as TV, but LCD TV mainly focus on video color effect, resolution is generally not very high! The bigger the LCD screen, the more expensive it is. LCD TVs are generally large in size!
Author:Miss Wu   Time:2021-09-12 18:08 Browse(null)
No problem, but it is recommended to use VGA connection, the resolution can be up to 1366 × 768, don't worry, use it boldly!
Author:Huang Lei   Time:2021-09-12 17:58 Browse(null)
Sharp lcd-60lx710a
Author:Yao Peng   Time:2021-09-12 11:22 Browse(null)
1 / monitor problem try to change the monitor, if the problem, please find a professional to repair
Author:Liu Bin   Time:2021-09-12 11:19 Browse(null)
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