1. First of all, you have an outdoor LED display, so you can play pictures, text, video and other advertising information.
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If the LCD is really broken, there is no value in repairing it. If you really want to change it, it will cost half a TV. If a friend breaks down, the circuit board can be replaced.
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Advantages: big screen, cool watching movies! Save the screen money!
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Some LCD TVs of the two big brands, Sony and Samsung, use Taiwan's garbage screen. Taiwan screen is very fragile and pretentious. We should take care of them carefully. Sometimes we can't watch sports games. Now IPS hard screen LCD TV is very popular.
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Experts suggest buying LCD TV with hard panel
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Different regular sizes, different materials, and different businesses want different prices. It's impossible to say exactly the price. However, it can be explained that the cost of TV and LCD is basically the cost of LCD panel, which is conservatively estimated to account for 70% or 80% of the total cost. Therefore, if you are sure that it is the problem of LCD screen, the cost performance of replacing LCD screen is very poor, so it's better to replace a new TV directly
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LCD TV, including
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That depends on the quality of your panel, if not good, like those made in China will not be color saturation. In addition, the LED TV image will have the phenomenon of tailing and residual shadow, but if you buy Sony or sharp, many with acceleration technology can eliminate this shortcoming
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The LED is the light-emitting diode
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LCD TV display is not easy to break, once broken, it is difficult to repair, not easy to repair, can only replace new, belongs to high-grade durable consumables, and replacement trouble, operation is difficult, basically a molding, so expensive is inevitable.
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At present, LED TV also belongs to liquid crystal TV. Different from traditional liquid crystal TV, LED TV uses LED (light emitting diode) semiconductor light-emitting elements to replace the backlight of traditional liquid crystal TV, so it is more energy-saving, and there is not much difference between the two in other aspects.
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The TV screen is broken. As long as the shell is good and the circuit is normal, replace it with a new TV screen of the same specification
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The display screen is
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As long as your LCD TV LED has a VGA interface, you can directly connect the LCD TV with the computer host by using the VGA cable. In addition, if your LCD TV has a DVI interface or HDMI interface, and your computer host has these two interfaces, you can also use the corresponding cable to connect.
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It has Samsung screen and Taiwan screen, but the lower price is Taiwan screen. Because the price of Samsung screen is relatively high, domestic TV can't afford this price, so its investment will not be small. Therefore, most of Taiwan screen is still the choice/
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We know that in computer failure, there are black screens and blue screens on the display screen. However, is there another situation that you have encountered? That is the phenomenon of white screen on the display screen. If you don't understand this fault, you can follow us to install the system. Maybe it will be useful for you in the future. First of all, this paper introduces the causes of the white screen failure of the power on display
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It is understood that there are mainly two kinds of LCD TV screens on the market, one is LGD's IPS hard screen, and now some high-end LCD manufacturers such as LG, Skyworth, Konka, Haier, Hisense and Changhong use this kind of LCD screen, with the sizes of 42 inches and 47 inches; The other is the VA soft screen, represented by Samsung, sharp and other manufacturers, with sizes of 40 inches and 46 inches.
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The LCD TV screen is damaged and can be replaced. However, it needs to be replaced by the TV manufacturer, mainly because the screen size, specification, model of the LCD TV, whether the backlight uses LED, or the number of lamps and so on are not the same. Generally, there is no ready-made screen to replace in the daily home appliance maintenance department.
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If the LCD advertising machine can input the VGA signal needed by the computer monitor, and has the matching resolution, I think it can be used.
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