Independent electrical switch, first calculate about how much power, find out the approximate current, leaving 2 times the margin wiring; Make a few long screws on the wall and fix it (pay attention to the heat dissipation hole)
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Changsha Yuhuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech industrial company specialized in providing research and development, production, sales, installation, leasing and training services of Changsha LED electronic display and led extension application products. The company has a complete series of products, applied to indoor, outdoor, semi outdoor and other places of monochrome Hunan LED electronic display, two-color electronic display, full-color LED electronic display and more than 20 varieties. Products are widely used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, large stadiums and exhibition venues, intelligent transportation
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P generally represents the pixel spacing
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Different models, different prices. From 1000 to 7000. The more expensive, the clearer
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Led business network
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Hello, here's one
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There is no wholesale LED display screen like the vegetable market. It is highly technical and has many kinds. Even if you buy it, you need long-term technical support. I hope you can find a suitable manufacturer to buy it. Shenzhen is the production base
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First of all, you must master the professional knowledge of LED point display. LED point display has been extended to education, finance, media and other major fields. If you go out more, you will find a lot of customer resources.
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How to operate LED large screen advertising, I give my suggestions as follows:
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Most of the LED screens used in performances are rented, which is not only convenient for installation and disassembly, but also convenient for transportation. Generally, P5 and P4 screens are used for this kind of performance. However, due to the price problem, they will be used less. In addition, the price of these models will be divided into 369 grades according to the product grade. The prices of different provinces and cities are different. The specific amount of money is subject to the quotation of the local engineer.
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Full color is the best. Foreigners like pink and purple. Chinese people usually use red. White has the highest brightness, followed by green, blue and yellow. Generally speaking, they like new ones with white,
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Hello, here's one
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The LED display screen can display changing numbers, words, graphics and images; It can be used not only in indoor environment, but also in outdoor environment. It has the incomparable advantages of projector, TV wall and LCD
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You're a rookie. You're a middleman. It's better to be a system integration company. Now just to do led, the market is too mature, I suggest you, if there is no old relationship, do not do in the LED industry.!
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The maximum power consumption of outdoor LED display (full-color) is about 800W / m2, that is to say, when the outdoor LED display reaches the maximum power (peak) every moment, the power consumption per square hour will be 0.8kwh.
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reference resources
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The price of each type of LED display screen of lianchengfa is different, the price of indoor and outdoor is different, and the price of full-color and single color is also different. It depends on how large screen you need, outdoor P10, p16 and so on. It depends on which one you need. Ask me if you need to
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LED display, energy saving and environmental protection.
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1、 The principle is different
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