The LED is the light-emitting diode
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LED is good
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I'll send it to you and give it to me~
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LCD uses a lamp tube similar to an energy-saving lamp as a backlight
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I do led, the market is relatively good. Because there are fewer LEDs now. At the beginning, we contacted the advertising company, because the advertising company should take the job like this. If there is a customer who wants to do it, he will contact you, but after the job is completed, he will give him a commission on the price difference, or you can directly set the price for him, and how much to buy is his own problem. Then it is to publicize on the Internet, and you will be invited to do it by customers from other places. Anyway, that's what our company does
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The world's largest LED advertising screen is located in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Yes, it's Dubai again. It's destined to be a place of miracles.
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According to different market conditions
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My company is cheap,
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I will give you a price as a reference. Now prices are relatively transparent. Because it can be found in many places.
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He's charging by time period, putting five minutes into prime time every day. One second costs more than 10 yuan. You can count it by yourself.
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LED LCD uses either led display technology or LED backlight.
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It may be caused by LED drive power failure, or it may be caused by poor line contact. Only after inspection can we know the reason, or consult Li technetium photoelectric!
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60 square meters, about 300000-500000 depending on the clarity.
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Chengdu wolf advertising
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Outdoor LED advertising cars represent the future of low-carbon economy
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Look at the score!
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If you want to invest in LED display, you need to know the current market and your customer resources in advance. After the screen is ready, you must have stable customer resources to make profits! Again, you choose cost-effective products, do not blindly pursue price, if your display effect is not good, no one will put advertising to you! But you also have to consider cost recovery, generally in a year to recover costs, after a few years can be profitable!
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Outdoor LED advertising cars represent the future of low-carbon economy
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The price of LED screen first depends on the distance between points. The smaller the distance between points, the more expensive it is. And then calculate by "square / yuan". This is what we do here
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