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LCD can refer to the mobile phone, that is, the resolution is very low, generally with backlight, digital display screen reference calculator screen, no backlight, LCD's expensive point, functions are similar
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Mobile phone screen material: LCD screen is also known as liquid crystal display, the main screen material can be divided into TFT screen, IPS screen, Nova screen; The main application of OLED screen is AMOLED material, also known as organic light emitting diode. The main performance and advantages of these screen materials can be summarized as follows:
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If the mobile phone often automatically pops up push messages / advertisements, suggestions are as follows:
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Leakage? Is there any liquid in the LCD? How come I only have a screen, a reflective plate and a layer of protective glass! There is such a common screen for words in the general 120 or so, and many mobile phone stores will say that such a screen hard to find! You must match it! It's about 300! Then it will be said that a mobile phone has an IC and a screen, so the price of the screen is certainly high ~ don't believe his nonsense, the screen is absolutely not original! Changing the screen is the same as changing the shell of a mobile phone. You can't change the original one unless you remove one to replace it. Besides, if you use it normally after changing, there won't be any problem, because I/
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In fact, LED display screen is still LCD screen in essence. It is only a LCD TV with LED backlight. The LCD screen in our mouth is a traditional LCD screen with CCFL backlight. The principle of display is similar. Here, I call the two kinds of backlight LCD as LCD.
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What should I do if my mobile phone screen flickers
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The consumption of IPS is small.
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If it's good, LED is better. At present, the best mobile phone screen is OLED, and the supply is small
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It should be LED backlight. LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode, LCD is the abbreviation of liquid crystal display. LED is adjustable, that is, brightness adjustment
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What kind of Regent screen? The bright screen is called by the manufacturer. If you press the screen by hand, it will change color, which is called soft screen / no response, which is called hard screen. Description of various LCD screen types (TFT, TFD, ufb, STN, DSTN, OLED, GF, CG, etc.)
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Look here
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Each material has many different screens and different resolutions
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Look here
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The method is as follows
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Screen Color: the screen color referred to here is essentially the concept of color scale. Color scale is an index of the brightness of the LCD screen
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The two most commonly used screen types on mobile phones are LCD screen and OLED screen. There are some advantages and disadvantages in these two screen types, but the same thing is that no matter which screen is applied on the smartphone, it must be tested before leaving the factory. In the test of LCD and OLED screen, the high current shrapnel microneedle module has the characteristics of high life, stable connection, good conduction function and strong performance, which can effectively ensure the test efficiency.
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Let me give you an answer. I'm in the backlight factory now, so I know more about backlight.
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The screen of mobile phone is mainly divided into two categories, LCD screen and LED screen. There are two main differences between them. First, LED screen is more power-saving. Second, the LED screen has less blue light.
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Eye protection... I think it's the LCD screen. Omri is so gorgeous. I can't stand it anyway
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