1、 The principle is different
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The so-called LED is actually only different from the LCD backlight display device LCD screen LCD TV LCD screen backlight tube; LED TV LCD screen LED (light emitting diode) backlight is estimated that sharp is more conservative and pays more attention to credibility, but LED backlight technology is too mature/
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main parameter
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Ground the LED display
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The picture quality and sound quality are better than 920a
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LCD is the abbreviation of the English word for liquid crystal. This is led liquid crystal TV. Its full name is LED backlight liquid crystal TV. The CCFL backlight of the original liquid crystal TV is replaced by LED backlight, which is called led liquid crystal TV for short,
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Now there is no LED TV, it's still a laboratory product. All the boasted LEDs in the market are backlit by LED lamps, so it's just a change of backlight. The price is much higher, which is not worth it
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It can't be generalized. It's better to give the model number.
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The so-called led on the market refers to the backlight, big brother. LCD is the general name of LCD TV. There are CCFL backlight and LED backlight on the market. LED TV is our outdoor big screen, that is the real LED TV. It is composed of LED light screen, with LED light imaging, so called LED TV. LCD is formed by liquid crystal, which has nothing to do with backlight. LCD screen will not emit light, need backlight to provide brightness. The le700a and lx710a series are both X-type super crystal panels newly developed by sharp. Because the super crystal panel has high transmittance, it can penetrate the maximum brightness of the backlight to the front, so it looks like a mirror/
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32lx330a (chain channel, such as Gome Suning) and 32nx330a (agent channel, the general agent of Shenma in a province) this machine has a serious tail. Show sharp's own demonstration film, dancing girl
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Direct type is the backlight directly and evenly arranged between the light guide plate and the reflector, has the advantage of high brightness, but large thickness, such as the general liquid crystal display.
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No, with CCFL backlight, the clarity of the picture has nothing to do with the backlight. It's true that the LED backlight can save power. The backlight is only responsible for lighting, and the circuit lines are all on the panel. What determines the clarity is the resolution of the panel and the technological level of the panel. The backlight is added by the later module, which has something to do with the clarity
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LED LCD TV has the following advantages:
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For the function of TV, image quality is the primary consideration. While LED backlight has opened up excellent image quality for LCD TV, other configuration of TV has become an important support for further improvement of image quality.
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The brightness of LED can be adjusted actively with the brightness of the picture. Compared with LCD TV, the effective energy saving can reach more than 30%. In this way, when the image of some dark scenes is displayed, only the local light of the necessary backlight area (the black or darker part on the screen) needs to be adjusted, that is, the high-quality image effect with natural light dark contrast can be displayed.
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There are two possible problems: 1. The backlight may not be on, that is, the backlight power supply (that is, inverter) is more likely to have a problem (generally, the lamp is not likely to break in three years), and the maintenance cost is about 50 to 100 pieces. 2. Maybe the driver circuit of the LCD panel is broken, causing the backlight and LCD panel to be unresponsive. After this repair, it is estimated that it will cost 100, 200 or even more. How to confirm what kind of situation it is: you say that you can hear music when you turn on the monitor, which means that the first possibility is relatively large. After you connect the computer, you can carefully look at whether there is a display on the LCD panel from multiple angles under weak light/
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It is said that the LED TV is replaced with a backlight. In fact, it is an LCD TV. The advertising is not in line with the reality, that is, it is used to deceive consumers and spend more money. In terms of quality, I think the hard screen is good. My friend's home is that I often go to play games with him.
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Is there any mistake? What is Samsung's new technology? To be exact, it should be Samsung's LED backlight LCD TV. The real LED TV will be on the market next year
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