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Hard screen technology surpasses soft screen into LCD high end standard
Author:Ma Ning   Time:2021-09-11 13:31 Browse(null)
Sharp is famous for making screens. My family also bought sharp. After all, it's a joint venture. The quality is OK
Author:Chen Gang   Time:2021-09-08 12:26 Browse(null)
South Korean Samsung is really ahead of IPS hard screen LCD, most of which are above 40 inch are VA soft screen, do you understand LCD? Do you know the technical authority? Then buy Japanese sharp!
Author:Wu Guofei   Time:2021-09-07 10:13 Browse(null)
How many hard screen companies are still doing? Now the liquid crystal all uses the soft screen, the soft screen is easy to use
Author:Romanian   Time:2021-09-05 17:58 Browse(null)
Response speed PK of "hard screen" and "soft screen"
Author:Li Yajun   Time:2021-09-05 15:47 Browse(null)
Not so good, sharp is vs soft screen. It's much worse than IPS hard screen. If you don't want to regret, it's safer to buy an IPS hard screen LCD TV. Like Konka, Skyworth, Hisense, Haier, LG and Changhong, they all use IPS hard screen technology.
Author:Tao Qinqin   Time:2021-09-05 11:22 Browse(null)
S-IPS: royalty in LCD panel
Author:Zhu Shule   Time:2021-08-24 17:59 Browse(null)
Of course, Hisense and LG are better. They use IPS hard screen. Samsung uses vs soft screen. It's not so good. It's easy to show bad points and tailing. It's better for IPS hard screen
Author:Chen Ling   Time:2021-08-23 12:24 Browse(null)
Of course, Hisense and LG are good. They use IPS hard screen. Samsung uses vs soft screen. It's not so good. It's easy to show bad points and tailing. It's better for IPS hard screen
Author:Zhang Chengchang   Time:2021-08-21 16:50 Browse(null)
It's true! Samsung TV is a common screen! Nowadays, most consumers recognize the TVs with IPS hard screen panel. Many people take IPS hard screen panel as the standard for buying TVs! It is not easy to appear bad points, life is longer than ordinary screen!
Author:Cui Shuangshuang   Time:2021-08-19 15:44 Browse(null)
Samsung products have technology, some of which are world leading, but the quality is not very good. Few of Samsung products are famous for their quality, and the failure rate of TV products is not low.
Author:liu   Time:2021-08-19 14:38 Browse(null)
Samsung LCD TVs are mainly Taiwan screen and Youda screen, with poor picture quality and trailing; Suggest to buy a hard screen LCD TV, high definition, fast
Author:Liang Yangjun   Time:2021-08-18 17:57 Browse(null)
National day just accompany aunt to buy a 32 inch, feel good. When I choose, I feel that the color is brighter than that of other homes, and it looks comfortable. It's beautiful, too.
Author:Shuxia   Time:2021-08-18 10:17 Browse(null)
What is S-IPS hard screen technology? What are the advantages or differences between hard screen and soft screen? In the high-end LCD TV market in the future, who will be the leader in soft screen technology and S-IPS hard screen technology? In the domestic home appliance market, with the improvement of purchasing power, people pay more and more attention to the new high-end LCD TV products with higher technical standards, better viewing performance and more humanized characteristics. Do you know some secrets about LCD TV?
Author:Ni Beibei   Time:2021-08-17 12:28 Browse(null)
Compared with other brands, Samsung has different brands, different design concepts and configurations, and each has its own advantages
Author:Li Jinglan   Time:2021-08-17 09:29 Browse(null)
Samsung's is average. I think IPS hard screen TV is good. Like Panasonic hard screen LCD TV. It has a solid liquid crystal molecular arrangement structure, fast response speed, and strong performance in dynamic clarity. Therefore, when the liquid crystal display screen is subject to external pressure and shaking, the blurring and water line diffusion phenomenon will appear, and the residual shadow and tailing will be eliminated when playing extremely fast pictures
Author:cairunfen0928   Time:2021-08-17 09:16 Browse(null)
I don't know much about Samsung's monitor ~ I recommend you to see the IPS hard screen monitor! I like this one very much now ~ its color and picture quality are very good. And it has the widest viewing angle in the current display technology ~ excellent technology! As long as you are in the normal range of 178 degrees, no matter how you look at its screen, there will be no distortion.
Author:Lin Qiuyi   Time:2021-08-16 10:16 Browse(null)
In fact, this is related to the types of wide view panels. Wide view panels are divided into soft screens and hard screens. The IPS panel that we contact most now belongs to hard screens, which are mainly developed by LGP. Samsung also has its own wide view panel, that is, PVA, and MVA. They are all soft screens. In terms of color, they are better than IPS, especially with higher contrast. In addition, Samsung has also developed its own new wide view panel pls, which belongs to hard screen. Its main competitor is IPS panel, whose color, gray and contrast are no less than IPS.
Author:Zuo Qing   Time:2021-08-15 09:22 Browse(null)
The screen material of Nokia 920 is IPS screen.
Author:Love Y1 is shining   Time:2021-08-04 12:28 Browse(null)
Author:Jiang Liji   Time:2021-08-03 10:13 Browse(null)
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