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The LCD TV with wide viewing angle will not deform from which angle. As far as I know, hard screen LCD TV should do well in this aspect.
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1. I'm not afraid of not knowing the goods. I'm most afraid of comparing the goods. Generally, the counters of the businesses selling laptops have the laptops that have been started for consumers to try. Before purchasing, we can carefully compare the display quality of the LCD on the counter. It is better to compare the LCD of different brands or different series of laptops of the same brand, mainly comparing the color saturation and brightness, We can set two (or more) laptops' LCDs to the brightest, and then open some colorful pictures (such as fruit platter) at the same time. This is the most direct and effective way to judge the display effect of different LCDs. However, businesses may not have too many notebooks/
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The thinner the LCD panel, the better?
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This is a professional question
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Suzhou Hengsheng advertising planning Co., Ltd. answers for you:
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1、 Principle of liquid crystal display
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TN is a low-end panel, the display performance is not as good as the other three, the number of color display information is 16.2
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Liquid crystal display principle
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1、 Principle of liquid crystal display
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LCD has two kinds of panels, one is TN, the other is IPS. As for the quality, the most important thing is to see the quality of LCD and the type of backlight. LED backlight has low power consumption, long life and high price. The parameters that should also be noted are horizontal and vertical viewing angles (the larger the better), the best resolution (the higher the resolution, the clearer the display, but the host's graphics card can match), response time (the shorter the better) and average brightness.
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In fact, you choose these panels, in fact, there are only two types! One is soft screen, the other is hard screen! TN will not say ~ entry-level products! IPS is the bottom of the derivative technology! Improve or reduce cost version! The biggest advantage of IPS is super high viewing angle! Infinitely close to 180 degrees! 1. The soft screen can dissipate heat through the screen, and the screen is not wearable; The hard screen itself can't dissipate heat, and the screen is wear-resistant
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It mainly depends on what kind of TV you want. I recommend LED TV. At present, there are quite a lot of LED TV brands. When you buy, you can pay attention to the following points: first, after sales service. 2、 Judge the bad points. 3、 Select the appropriate display size. 4、 Visual angle. 5、 Response time. As for the brand, the owner might as well go to the good best website to have a look. It has the latest top ten LED TV brand ranking and related information. It will be easier to purchase after reference and comparison. Samsung Samsung, Hisense, sharp sharp, Sony, Skyworth and so on are all good.
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Because the light of the LCD is projected forward through the LCD at a nearly vertical angle, when we look at the screen from other angles, we will not see it as clearly as the CRT display, but will see obvious color distortion. This is caused by the size of the viewing angle. Specifically, the viewing angle is divided into horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle. When choosing LCD, we should try to choose products with large viewing angle. At present, the angle of LCD is basically above 140 degrees, which can meet the needs of ordinary users. No matter how much the visual angle value, whether it is convenient for their own use is fundamental/
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It refers to the angle from which users can clearly observe all the contents on the screen from different directions. Because the light source of LCD display has certain directionality after refraction and reflection, it will produce color distortion when viewing beyond this range, and CRT display will not have this problem.
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Perfect screen should mean that there is no dead point and dead line. The two terms are the same. When purchasing, use software to test whether the color of red, yellow, blue, green, white and black screen is correct, whether there are black spots and black lines, whether the black screen does not flood, whether the viewing angle is large, and the brightness will not be too low. It is generally used
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