Capacitive screen: capacitive screen is operated by electrostatic induction, that is to say, the screen feels the static electricity of your fingers, and then accepts the operation. Sensitive touch, no need to press the screen, support multi-point touch, but can only touch with fingers, the relative accuracy is not very high.
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In LED lamps, copper film is first formed on the substrate by electroplating. The protective layer is then bonded to the copper film so that the shape of the LED lamp as a whole is circular. A thin film of nickel and gold is formed on the part of the copper film not bonded with the protective layer.
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Different backlights
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If the P0 port is connected, the pull-up resistor should be connected, and the resistance value should be 10K. The pull-up resistor is stable (you can check the function of the pull-up resistor on the Internet). If it is too small, the power consumption is relatively large. If it is too large, it will not play the role of pull-up, so 10K is a typical value. There are many kinds of people who want to know more detailed technical parameters. It's better for Baidu to go there to learn about it than to ponder over the professional problems here. This is very realistic/
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Third pin (VEE) LCD Bias pin, generally connected to a 10k potentiometer, adjustment can achieve the best display state!
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The change of the luminous efficiency of three kinds of phosphors on the screen, or the change of some component parameters on the circuit board, such as the change of the state of the red, green and blue driving triode, may lead to the color deviation of the display. The red background color is the most common, which is due to the red phosphor luminous efficiency.
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High voltage distributed DC power supply
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The 3-pin is the contrast adjustment pin, and the power supply voltage is between the 1-pin and 15 pin. The resistance voltage is added to the 3-pin to make the LCD display of the module have appropriate contrast.
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The soft material on the surface of liquid crystal display screen is exactly called polarizer (English abbreviation: plz), which has the function of filter.
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LED display screen has become a widely used electronic screen. Many activities prefer to use LED display screen, such as dinner, wedding banquet, stage program, square display screen, etc. when the display screen is used as a modern display equipment, LED display maintenance has become a common problem. This paper introduces several LED display Maintenance Tips.
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