Hello, LED display can be cut off directly, but for safety, it's better to install a switch.
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Main technical specifications of LCD 1. Resolution
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The most important is the origin of LCD panel
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The Taiwan panel used by sharp a63 simplifies the circuit on the basis of ensuring ultra-thin. It's too cold for him to start. Black screen...
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Hello, I'm glad to answer your question.
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Black crystal panel
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Black crystal panel
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The so-called LED is actually only different from the LCD backlight display device LCD screen LCD TV LCD screen backlight tube; LED TV LCD screen LED (light emitting diode) backlight is estimated that sharp is more conservative and pays more attention to credibility, but LED backlight technology is too mature/
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LCD is a general term for TV, just like TV is generally called TV.
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1. The power consumption ratio of LED and LCD is about 1:10, so LED is more energy-saving.
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In general, if it is a set-top box of radio and television, most of them can be connected to the AV interface of the TV by using the AV cable. The AV cable has a three color plug, which is aimed at the AV jack of the TV and set-top box, and the color is corresponding. Then insert the external signal cable into the signal input port of the set-top box, start the TV and set-top box, switch the signal source or input selection of the TV to AV mode or video mode to display the picture of the set-top box, and then you can start to use the set-top box to watch TV programs.
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Sharp lcd-65ur30a is a 4K TV, the picture quality also needs to be Ultra HD! The key is that this TV also uses intelligent contrast enhancement technology, which can enhance the contrast of the picture. Coupled with the curved surface effect, it's the best way to watch high-definition programs!
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Sharp TV models are generally unified with LCD, LED TV is relatively thin, if your TV is thin, you can rest assured/
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Sharp 60lx565a
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The quality of sharp TV lcd-52lv925a is very good. It uses LCD display panel and high-definition display. The cost performance is very high. Here is the parameter information:
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Sharp lcd-46lx750a adopts the original Japanese LCD panel. It adheres to the traditional style of consistent atmosphere and steadiness in appearance, but in the base design, it has a rounder appearance than before, making the product look more vivid.
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It's true that many sharp's new machines now use X-Gen ultra crystal panel, but sharp's lcd-40ge220a does not use X-Gen ultra crystal panel, and it also uses LCD LCD panel, but the overall quality is still good, the picture is relatively clear, and the maximum support is 1920 times; 1080p Full HD movie playback with 1080 resolution.
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Sharp screen uses
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