Hello, there are three types of LCD screen lines on the stage.
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The network cable interface of LED display screen is on the control card. This is the hardware facility. There's no way to change it.
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Look at the definition of 20p before. You need to see the graph to make it clear. Please send me the picture.
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12 and 08, the signal is not the same... A class to indoor display is 08, outdoor is 12. 08 is one in 16, 12 is one in four/
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LED electronic display screen is widely used in advertising, video monitoring, product display, stage background, traffic information release, etc. different industries have slightly different interfaces for LED electronic display screen. When we configure LED electronic display screen for users, we will know more about the specific use of users, Usually, LED electronic display screen will be equipped with a video processor or video splicer according to the number of pixels on the screen, and most of the interfaces will be provided.
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12 and 08, the signal is not the same... A class to indoor display is 08, outdoor is 12. 08 is one in 16, 12 is one in four.
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① For this fault, first measure the output of the auxiliary switching power supply circuit
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With the data line, if you don't have it, you can buy it or ask someone else to borrow it. That location may be a little hard to find.
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Large size LCD screen sharp can do, technology is relatively mature. It can be used.
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Sharp TV lcd-50v3a
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main parameter
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Lowest price: ¥ 5570
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Sharp lcd-52lx565a
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It seems that there is no need to use component for network TV. The image is poor. AV is enough. The short board is not here
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Sharp lcd-70ud30a
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It depends on whether you have 08 or 12 interfaces. For example, 12 interfaces, the first row of unit boards connect to 12_ 1. The second row is 12_ two
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Sharp lcd-50ds80a detailed parameters
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How to compare. Sharp 50 inch is the lowest end! Why not buy U1
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1. Different function orientation: sharp lcd-40ds40a is network LCD TV; Sharp lcd-40ds20a is a terrestrial digital TV.
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