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Some display screens or touch screens can be replaced separately, while others can only be replaced as a whole. Generally speaking, businesses take the touch screen and the display screen separately, because the integrated (we call the assembly) simply means that the display screen and the touch screen are replaced together
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If you change the touch screen, 40 yuan will do!
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Each material has many different screens and different resolutions.
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You asked that question.
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Each material has many different screens and different resolutions
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Touch screen, with the touch screen, basically no keyboard input. Touch screen is widely used in public places, such as bank (ATM touch input), railway station (self-service ticket machine), etc. Personal desktop computer display can also be equipped with touch screen.
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There are many kinds of touch screens. Generally, the touch screen is made of tempered glass. The requirements depend on where the customer uses it and what it is used for. The most common one is tempered glass, with no obvious scratch.
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1. Liquid crystal, also known as LCD, is the use of liquid crystal in the role of voltage light imaging principle to present the image.
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It's all LCD screens, touch screens are included.
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Industrial touch LCD must know this principle.
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Design LCD peripheral drive circuit, LCD structure (including backlight). If it is a small size (less than 4.3 inches), many manufacturers know that the whole screen is completed by themselves, starting from chip placement, IC and FPC. In that case, the design includes the selection of glass, polarizer, IC, FPC or PCB (schematic diagram and layout), and the selection of backlight. If you have a touch screen, then add the selection of the touch screen. Of course, in the end, there is a test fixture to debug, otherwise it will be useless if it can't be tested/
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ECA is a computer component and LCD is a display screen.
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Affected by the fact that the gross profit of small and medium-sized LCD panels was higher than that of large ones in 2007, many manufacturers shifted their production capacity to this market this year. However, the excessive release of production capacity caused by this move, coupled with the impact of the global economic downturn, analysts said that the imbalance between supply and demand may make the small and medium-sized LCD market fall in volume and price this year. In addition, in the large-size LCD market, although there are signs of stopping the decline and stabilizing in September, the industry believes that the possibility of Q4's continued decline is still high. In the face of all kinds of market decline, the way to deal with it is to adjust production capacity, find more product mix, reduce costs, especially develop new technology and new products, so as to/
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It's a good idea to have an external TV box. I've heard that he used a Tongwei TV box. At the beginning, he could connect it directly
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In fact, the principle of touch LCD is very simple. To put it simply, a touch screen is installed on the display to become a display with touch function. At present, LCD touch display (CRT) is popular in the market. According to the different installation of touch screen, it is generally divided into resistance type, capacitance type, acoustic type and infrared type.
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Specializing in the production of all kinds of display screen, touch screen, intelligent window, solar cells and other raw materials, touch screen and OLED forum
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LCD is the layer inside the screen, which is responsible for displaying images; Touch screen is the outer layer, responsible for precise positioning.
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LCD screen refers to the screen with white light tube backlight, touch screen refers to the screen with touch function, it can be any type of screen. Now the screen can be basically divided into two kinds, one is LCD screen, the other is led screen, LCD has been eliminated, now all use LED as backlight.
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TFT, it's thin
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