The physical resolution of 4K TV is 3840 * 2160; 4 times of Full HD (FHD. 1920 * 1080); 9 times of HD (HD. 1280 * 720).
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Sharp lcd-55s3a
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The combination of HDR and LCD can greatly improve the image expressiveness of TV in high light background, but it is still unable to show dark scenes. Once HDR is combined with OLED, it can realize the reverse extension of the image expressiveness to the two extreme directions of high light and dark at the same time, which can not only show the high light scene delicately, but also show the dark scene crystal clear.
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HDR is high
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HDR is a technology that can improve the contrast of TV image quality. Now many brands of TV use HDR technology. For example, Hisense's 9600 has reached hdr1200, the highest in the industry
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