For the screen with the picture tube, the protective mirror must work. Within the distance of 0.5m, the electron ray will cause some damage to the eyes (but not as severe as you think). For a long time, some preventive measures should be taken before such a screen, such as installing protective mirror
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Connect the data line, and then install a display software, which can be input through the computer. Some of them are infrared, and use the remote control to replace the text. Some of them use wireless network.
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1、 Precautions for switching LED electronic display screen:
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He is connected to the computer, set subtitles on the computer, or this has its own function
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When I just came into contact with LED electronic display for hardware debugging and installation, I didn't know how to start without detailed instructions. After a long time of research, I couldn't find the correct debugging and installation method. After consulting Honghai photoelectric siege lion, I sorted out the steps and process of full-color LED electronic display hardware debugging and installation, hoping to help you!
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First of all, we need to know some common knowledge about electric power, including voltage
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Generally connected to the computer, the computer installed the corresponding software, input Chinese characters, click upload to the LED display, you can display.
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Do you want to connect external equipment? Notebook or something?
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Generally, the entry mode is changed to continuous left shift or left shift
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Look at the communication interface of LED control card
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Can have very good digital power, and computer requirements are particularly good. Digital electricity is mainly used for maintenance, and the computer requires debugging. But there's another one who's in good health and tired. I do LED technology
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Plug in the power cord of the computer and the display screen. Connected by components
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LED electronic display system mainly includes: control computer, video signal processing and control, communication transmission and control, display and play software, LED display and other components.
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1. Find the USB interface of the computer and insert it into the USB disk, as shown in the figure below.
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Who pressed it for you? Who are you looking for~
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First confirm whether your machine has two memory, if you just plug in a memory try, or not, download a NOD32 antivirus software to kill, first determine whether there is a virus! Then determine whether it is your system problem. If it is, do it according to my method. I guarantee that your computer is 100% stable
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