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Each pixel of LCD is controlled by a set of independent circuit loops. The pixels are very small. In principle, if the screen is broken, it can be displayed normally except for broken ones. Because the circuit board behind and the LVDS cable on the screen are not damaged, you can still see the image
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In some cases. If the monitor's power adapter is external. External interference will also appear shaking. Try setting the display resolution. If you change the resolution. The words are not flashing. Try to remove other unrelated electrical appliances around the machine. You can find another adapter with the same parameter to replace.. Press the display set key..
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Eighty percent of the screens are made in Taiwan. Some high-end products are made in Samsung Sony joint venture or LG Philips joint venture
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LCD can refer to the mobile phone, that is, the resolution is very low, generally with backlight, digital display screen reference calculator screen, no backlight, LCD's expensive point, functions are similar
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display? Isn't that the screen! The whole thing is scrapped. To change the screen, it's very expensive just to buy a screen. 19 inches, about 500/
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Generally, it only comes with a protective film to prevent friction with packaging materials. This film will affect the use effect, and users will tear it off before the first use.
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It refers to the difference between computer LCD and mobile phone. They work in the same way. There are big differences in volume, manufacturing technology and applicability/
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There are two types of displays:
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You mean you can't update the display?
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Setting depends on which system you are using. You can automatically scan the outdoor configuration without setting any other system
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The display screen should have a data interface. After connecting with the computer, the computer will send the displayed content to the display screen, that is, the displayed subtitles. The computer also needs a communication software.
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The single and double color display screen setting is relatively simple, and the communication line between the computer and the display screen is well connected. Then screen parameter setting (set length and width points, unit board routing mode, communication control mode), finally edit content sent to single screen
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Philips 1290-1380
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Mobile phone discount on the discount, would not dare to think of the price ~ Beijing side of the price is the price of the contract machine. The 4S is 1299. It's very attractive
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If it's a monitor, only Samsung is a professional monitor maker of the above three brands. Others in the LCD product industry can be said to be rubbish
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Driven by strong demand from apple and Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Japan
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Dear Samsung users
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If you need to know the detailed model information of Samsung products, please log in the Samsung official website and click the top right corner to input the model information.
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