All very good, but Xiaomi TV 2 still uses sharp's screen, and Xiaomi's performance price ratio is good!
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Yesterday, Xiaomi company released Xiaomi TV 3
Author:Liu Yanqing   Time:2021-09-10 13:33 Browse(null)
Sharp lcd-60su465a, 60 inch, intelligent Ultra HD flat panel TV. It is a 60 Inch LCD TV with imported x super crystal panel from Japan. It has exquisite appearance design, metal frame with metal texture and suspended base, which makes it look grand and stylish. Operating system: Android (ver4.4) screen size: 60 inches resolution: 3840 × 2160cpu: Platform: hi3751v510, dual core 1.2ghz/64 bit GPU: 64 bit ram, memory: 1gbrom, capacity: 8GB, response time: 9.5ms
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I don't think the negative screen is useful or in the way. If you don't have much use, turn it off.
Author:Zhang Baoyu   Time:2021-08-30 09:21 Browse(null)
There are a lot of advertisements on Xiaomi 3's screen every day
Author:LV Xiaomei   Time:2021-08-24 17:57 Browse(null)
Is the junk software installed
Author:Chen tingfei   Time:2021-08-04 11:18 Browse(null)
The former
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Xiaomi and Foxconn are negotiating to start producing TV sets in India as soon as next month. Three industry executives said Xiaomi may start to work with Foxconn to produce TV sets in India from the next quarter instead of importing them. The company plans to dominate TV sales on Internet platforms during the upcoming Diwali festival. Xiaomi, already India's largest smartphone seller, has set up a local parts procurement base in India and will begin assembling televisions. Making TV sets in India will bring tax benefits to Xiaomi, although industry executives say Xiaomi is unlikely to lower the price of TV sets because it is already selling at a very low profit or even making no money. "The negotiation between Xiaomi and Foxconn for the production of TV sets in India has entered a late stage, starting from July to August, so as to have more than half of the models produced in India during the Diwali festival," an industry executive said.
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Re shuffling of mobile phone market in India: Huawei lost its name, Xiaomi lost its first place, and a new king was born. Counterpoint research announced the situation of Indian smartphone market in the third quarter of this year. In this quarter, India's smartphone shipments grew to 50 million units, the highest in single machine history. However, Xiaomi, which has been the best-selling mobile phone brand in India for two consecutive years, has lost its first place in India this time, which is quite surprising. In the third quarter, Xiaomi's market share fell to 23%, down 3% from the same period last year. Samsung, on the other hand, grew by 4% year-on-year and its share in India reached 24%, surpassing Xiaomi by 1% and returning to the first place, becoming the new king of mobile phone market in India. It is reported that the decline of Xiaomi's share may be affected by India's "boycott of Chinese goods" boom. Among the top five in sales, Chinese mobile phone brands accounted for four seats, accounting for 65% of India's smartphone market.
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According to Indian media reports, the smartphone market in the price range of 10000 rupees to 25000 rupees is becoming the biggest battlefield for Xiaomi, Samsung Electronics, oppo and vivo in India. As India's top four smartphone brands, the target area for which the four companies are competing is expected to be the fastest growing part of India's smartphone market this year. Therefore, in order to seize market share in India, manufacturers must pay attention to mobile phones at this price. Since 2016, oppo and India have been the strongest contenders to enter the field. Xiaomi has surpassed the two domestic competitors and Samsung to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in India. Oppo, vivo and Samsung Electronics are now fighting back. Samsung Electronics has launched four such products in the past few weeks.
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Dong Mingzhu wants to make a ten thousand yuan mobile phone? Gree folding screen new product exposure: the design is bolder than Xiaomi. Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. applied to disclose the patent information of "folding screen and folding screen mobile terminal", with the patent publication number of cn112333310a. Gree's patented folding screen technology is characterized by the use of optical glue, polyimide film or polyester film and other materials to connect two screens without complicated hinge technology. (R, q; ^ ('# h $U & C1 g) Huawei, Samsung, Rouyu and other enterprises have launched a number of folding screen mobile phones. The difficulty of this kind of mobile phone is to carry a complete flexible screen, which needs to be bent and folded with hinges. Until today, these three manufacturers have not been able to completely solve the hinge problem.
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