TFT screen, LED backlight and full view IPS LCD screen specific differences
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1、 Different subjects
1、 Different subjects1. TFT screen: thin film field effect transistor, one of the active matrix liquid crystal displays2. LED backlight: it is a kind of flat panel display.

TFT screen, LED backlight and full view IPS LCD screen specific differences

it is composed of small LED module panels.
LED backlight is a kind of flat panel display3. IPS screen: it is a technology based on TFT.
in fact, 32313133353236313431303231363533e59b9ee7ad9431333433623836 is still a TFT screen.
in fact, the quality of IPS screen is still TFT screen2、 Different characteristics1. TFT screen: it can "actively" control each independent pixel on the screen.
this can greatly improve the reaction time.
this paper introduces the design of TFT screen2. LED backlight: it has the advantages of bright color, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long service life, stable and reliable operation3. IPS screen: the two poles are on the same surface.
unlike other liquid crystal models, the electrodes are arranged on the top and bottom in a three-dimensional manner.
3、 Technology is different1. TFT screen: it belongs to active matrix liquid crystal display.
in technology, it adopts the "active matrix" mode to drive, the method is to use the transistor electrode made of thin film technology, and use the scanning method to "actively pull" to control the opening and closing of any display point2. LED backlight: an electronic display screen composed of LED lattice.
the display content forms such as text, animation, picture and video can be changed in time by turning on and off the traffic light beads, and the component display control can be carried out through the modular structure.
the LED backlight can be used for the electronic display screen3. IPS screen: the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules has been optimized.
horizontal arrangement is adopted. When encountering external pressure, the molecular structure will sink down slightly, but the whole molecule is still horizontal.
IPS screen is used to optimize the arrangement of liquid crystal moleculesSource: Baidu Encyclopedia - TFT screenSource: Baidu Encyclopedia LED displayReference source: Baidu Encyclopedia IPS screen.
these are three questions about different types of technology in the field of liquid crystal.
here are three questions about different types of technology in the field of liquid crystalFirst of all, TFT: TFT refers to thin film transistor (TFT).
it means that every liquid crystal pixel is driven by the thin film transistor integrated behind the pixel.
it is an active driving mode now.
corresponding to the passive driving mode of black and white display in the early days.
now, TFT-LCD is basically used with higher resolution.
TFT-LCD is the most popular oneBesides, LED backlight.
because liquid crystal display is a non active light-emitting display technology, that is to say, the liquid crystal panel is just a light switch, It controls the switch of each pixel to display the image.
behind the light switch, a surface light source is needed to emit light.
this surface light source is called backlight.
there are generally two kinds of backlight light sources.
one is FCCL (cold cathode tube) and LED (light emitting diode).
and the LED backlight is just the light source of LED.
there are two kinds of backlight light sourcesIPS is a full view technology.
it was first patented by Hitachi, and now LG and Chimei have obtained patent authorization.
relatively speaking,
the arrangement direction of the liquid crystal in the panel is different.
thus, the effect of view angle expansion is realized.
that is, from a broader perspective, right up and down to the display device, There is little color change.
iPS technology has obvious advantages, such as wider viewing angle.
pressing the screen has no obvious color change, but at the same time, it will also lead to the increase of energy consumption (the decrease of light transmittance)As a TV, it has advantages.
but as a mobile phone, as a computer, IPS has no advantages.
as a mobile phone, IPS has no advantagesBecause these three technologies are different technologies of liquid crystal display devices,
can coexist.
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