What's the difference between LCD and led?
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First of all, it should be noted that led tv is actually a kind of LCD TV.
First of all, it should be noted that led tv is actually a kind of LCD TVLED TV is based on the structure of traditional LCD TV.
after replacing cffl backlight with LED backlight, the manufacturer named it led tv to distinguish it from traditional LCD TV.
in fact, it still belongs to LCD TV.

What's the difference between LCD and led?

LED TV is a kind of LED TVThis kind of lamp replacement design needs to change the corresponding circuit structure and circuit components, and the display effect is greatly improved.
the design of the lamp replacement is based on the design of the corresponding circuit structure and circuit componentsIt's not like "pure hype and money fraud" as some negative comments sayCompared with traditional LCD, LED LCD TV has its unique advantagesEnvironmental protection, power saving, thinner TV structure, brighter color, more uniform screen brightness, longer service life, etc.
the TV has the advantages of low cost, low cost, low cost, low cost and low costAdd: the key to the LCD TV display effect is the material of the LCD panel.
and the backlight tube is only the secondAttachment: introduction of LCD panelVA type: VA type LCD panel is widely used in the current high-end display products.
16.7M color (8bit panel) and large viewing angle are its most obvious technical features.
at present, VA type LCD panel can be divided into two types: MVA and PVA.
the main technical features of VA type LCD panel are as follows:MVA type: full name (multi domain vertical alignment).
it is a multi quadrant vertical alignment technology.
it uses the protrusion to make the liquid crystal static, not the traditional vertical type.
it is inclined to a certain angle; When the voltage is applied to change the liquid crystal molecules to a horizontal position to allow the backlight to pass through, the display time will be greatly shortened, and the projection will change the alignment of liquid crystal molecules to widen the field of vision.
the results show that the backlight can pass through more quicklyThe increase of the viewing angle can reach more than 160 degrees.
the reaction time can be shortened to less than 20 ms.
the reaction time can be shortened to less than 20 msPVA is a kind of panel type introduced by Samsung.
it is a kind of image vertical adjustment technology, which directly changes the structure of the liquid crystal unit, greatly improves the display efficiency, and can obtain brightness output and contrast better than MVA.
in addition, on the basis of these two types, two kinds of panel types, i.e. improved S-PVA and p-mva, are extended.
in the development of technology, the viewing angle can reach 170 degrees, The response time is controlled within 20 ms (using overdrive acceleration to achieve 8 ms GTG), and the contrast can easily exceed the high level of 700:1. Most of the products of Samsung's own brand are PVA LCD panels.
this paper introduces the design of the LCD panelIPS type: IPS type liquid crystal panel has the advantages of large viewing angle and fine color.
it looks transparent, which is also a method to identify IPS type liquid crystal panel. Many Philips liquid crystal displays use IPS type panels.
S-IPS is the second generation of iPS technology.
it introduces some new technologies, In order to improve the gray scale reversal phenomenon of IPS mode in some specific angles.
the independent panel manufacturers of LG and Philips are also liquid crystal panels with IPS as the technical characteristics.
(I think IPS type liquid crystal panel is the best!)TN type: this type of LCD panel is used in entry-level and mid-range products.
it is affordable and cheap, and is selected by many manufacturers.
in technology.
compared with the first two types of LCD panel, it is slightly inferior in technical performance, and the color display number information is 16.2M, instead of what we usually call true color 16.7M (because it is a 6bit panel).
TN type: this type of LCD panel is used in entry-level and mid-range productsIn addition, it is difficult to improve the contrast of TN panel.
the problems directly exposed are thin color and poor restoration ability, The transition is not natural.
but the response time is easy to improve.
its viewing angle is also limited.
generally, it will not exceed 160 degrees.
most products with response time less than 8 ms on the market now use TN liquid crystal panel.
the thickness of LED screen is thinner than that of LCD screen.
using LED backlight panel as backlight instead of lamp tube as backlight has the advantages of uniform lighting, low power and low heating, Long service life.
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