What is the difference between LED display and projector
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1. The nature of the two is different
1. The nature of the two is differentLED display is a kind of flat panel display, which is composed of small LED module panels and is used to display text, image, video, video signal and other informationProjector.

What is the difference between LED display and projector

also known as projector, is a device that can project images or videos onto the screen. It can be connected with computer, VCD, DVD, BD, game console, DV, etc. through different interfaces to play the corresponding video signals.
projector is a device that can project images or videos onto the screen2. The classification of the two is differentThe LED display is divided into indoor and semi outdoor according to the use environment; According to the color is divided into monochrome, double primary color, three primary color (full color); It can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous according to the control or use mode; According to pixel density or pixel diameter; According to display performance; By display device; They are classified according to the development directionThe main types of projectors are home theater type, portable business type, educational conference type, mainstream engineering type, professional theater type and measurement type3. The characteristics of the two are differentLED display has the characteristics of high brightness, long service life, large viewing angle, large or small screen area.
it can be as small as less than one square meter, as large as hundreds or thousands of square meters, easy to interface with computer, and rich supporting softwareThe projector is easy to carry.
it has the defects of brightness attenuation, color, power consumption and so on. At the same time, because it belongs to the cold light source, it has the characteristics of on and on, which fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon that the traditional light source needs to wait for the power on and the light is stableSource: Baidu Encyclopedia LED displayReference sources: Baidu Encyclopedia projector.
according to the principle, projectors can be divided into three types: single LCD.
3lcd and DLP.
13lcd and DLP basically have nothing to do with ordinary LCDThe LCD screen used in a single LCD projector should be small in size.
the resolution / contrast ratio is high, and the most important point is the light transmittance.
but in principle, the higher the resolution.
the smaller the distance between dots, the lower the light transmittance.
of course.
compared with ordinary screens, the LCD screen of the projector has no backlight.
now there are some 5.7-inch screens on Xbox.
the 7-inch screen is used for DIY projection, and the effect is OK, The size is not big, but the heat dissipation and noise are problems.
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