Is led screen and LCD screen called LCD screen Is there any difference between "LED screen" and "led backlit LCD screen"?
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There's a difference! There's a big difference!
There's a difference! There's a big difference!Our common LED screen is the large screen on the square. That's LED. If you walk in and have a look, you will find that there are many, many small dots that will glow. Those little dots are LEDs. That's light-emitting diodes. This is a solid-state light-emitting element. High brightness, fast reaction speed, low power consumption and long service life.LCD is liquid crystal display. It doesn't glow. Need backlight to support the normal display of the image. Of course, LCD can work without backlight. It's just that we can't see the image displayed. There are many cross transparent electrodes inside the LCD screen. These electrodes are connected to a tank containing liquid crystal molecules. When there is a voltage, the liquid crystal molecules will deflect according to the voltage. The larger the deflection angle is, the greater the intensity of the transmitted light is. When enough liquid crystal cells are combined and controlled orderly by the control IC, the image can be displayed.Finally, the LED backlight LCD screen uses LED as backlight. At present, LCD TV with gas discharge light source is still common in the market. And the LED TV that businesses say is not really led tv. To be honest, I despise some businesses in China. Very rogue, very good at playing word games... In the true sense of LED TV, its image component should be led. And the so-called LED TV sold by businesses, its image display part is still LCD. Only the backlight is changed from gas light source to LED light source. So the merchants boasted. To increase the selling point. Of course, there is no doubt about the long life of LEDs.The more you think about it, the more angry you are. I'm very speechless to these rogue merchants..

Is led screen and LCD screen called LCD screen Is there any difference between

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