What kind of LED display do you have???
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Classification of LED electronic display
Classification of LED electronic displayOriginal hits: 1 update time: 2009-4-1 13:06:281. According to the display color, it can be divided into single red, single green, red green double primary color, red green blue three color, full color and natural color; Single primary color LED display screen (including pseudo color LED display screen), dual primary color LED display screen and full-color (three primary color) led display screen.
according to the gray level, it can be divided into 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 gray level LED display screen, etc.
according to the gray level2. It can be divided into graphic display, multimedia video display, quotation display, strip display, interest rate display, text LED electronic display, graphic LED electronic display, computer video LED electronic display, TV video LED electronic display and quotation LED electronic display, etc. according to the use function.

What kind of LED display do you have???

quotation LED electronic display generally includes securities, interest rate, interest rate, price, price, etc LED display screen for futures and other purposes3. According to the use environment, it can be divided into indoor LED display, outdoor LED display and semi outdoor LED display.
LED large screen.
LED large screen.
LED large screen4. According to the diameter or spacing of the luminous points, it can be divided into three parts φ 3.0、 φ 3.7、 φ 4.8、 φ 5.0、 φ 8.0、ph8、ph10、ph16、ph20、 ф 3.0、 ф 3.75、 ф 4.8、 ф 5.0、 ф 8.0、 ф 15、 ф 19、 ф 26, et al.
the results were as follows5. The basic light-emitting point is not in the market led electronic display.
indoor LED display can be divided into three types according to the single point diameter of LED Φ 3mm、 Φ 375mm、 Φ 5mm、 Φ 8mm, and Φ 10 mm, etc; The outdoor LED display screen can be divided into three parts according to the pixel diameter Φ 19mm、 Φ 22mm and Φ Mm26Market led display screen can be divided into 2.0cm (0.8inch), 2.5cm (1.0inch), 3.0cm (1.2inch), 4.6cmm (1.8inch), 5.8cm (2.3inch), 7.6cm (3inch) led display screen according to the size of nixie tube6. According to the pixel density: 2500 points, 3906 points, 5102 points, 6944 points, 10000 points, virtual 3906 * 4=12384 points, 15625 points, 17199 points, 17772 points, 27778 points, 44321 points, 62500 points, that is 10000 points, 17000 points, 15000 points, 27000 points, 44000 points, 62000 points and so onBasic knowledge input: admin responsible editor: adminLast basic knowledge: LED display product seriesNext basic knowledge: user selection guide for LED displayhttp://www.dianzixianshiping.cn/changshi/200904/9.html.
According to the model, it can also be divided into P3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.75 / 7 / 7.62 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 20 / 25 / 31.5 / 40Anya, Linyi, Shandong www.ainiyasdly.com.
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