How does LED display work?
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Working principle of LED display screen
Working principle of LED display screen(1) System compositionThe system consists of special computer equipment, display screen, video input port and system softwareComputer and special equipment: computer and special equipment directly determine the function of the system.
different types can be selected according to the different requirements of users for the system.
the functions of the system are determined by the computer and special equipmentDisplay screen: the control circuit of the display screen receives the display signal from the computer.

How does LED display work?

it drives the led to emit light to produce pictures, and outputs sound by adding power amplifier and speaker.
the display screen is composed of two partsVideo input port: provide video input port.
the signal source can be VCR, VCD, camera, etc., and support NTSC, pal, s, etc_ Video and other formatsSystem software: special software for LED playback.
PowerPoint or es98 video playback software.
is provided(2) System functionThe system has the following functions:The computer is used as the processing control center.
the electronic screen corresponds to a certain area of the computer display (VGA) window point by point, the display content is synchronized in real time, the screen mapping position is adjustable, and the size of the display screen can be easily selected at will.
the system has the advantages of simple operation, convenient operation and convenient operationThe display dot matrix adopts ultra-high brightness LED (red and green dual primary colors).
256 gray levels, 65536 color change combinations, rich and realistic colors, and supports VGA 24 bit true color display mode.
the display dot matrix adopts ultra-high brightness LED (red and green dual primary colors)It is equipped with graphic information and three-dimensional animation playing software.
it can play high-quality graphic information and three-dimensional animation.
there are more than ten ways to display information in the playing software, such as covering, closing, opening curtain, color alternation, zooming in and out.
the software can play high-quality graphic information and three-dimensional animationUse the special program editing and playing software.
through the keyboard,Mouse, scanner and other different input means edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information.
the arrangement is stored in the hard disk of the control host or server.
the sequence and time of program playback can realize the integrated alternate playback, and can be superimposed on each other.
the program can be played in an integrated wayIt can receive and display video signals such as VCR and VCDIntroduction and classification of LED electronic display systemIn recent years, the LED display market has developed rapidly.
it has been widely used in banks, posts and telecommunications, taxation, airports, railway stations, securities markets and other trading markets, hospitals, electric power, customs, stadiums and other occasions that need to be announced and publicized.
in recent years, the LED display market has developed rapidlyLED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode.
LED display screen is a display device composed of LED arrays.
it adopts low voltage scanning drive.
it has the following advantages: 1, low power consumption, 2, long service life, 3, low cost, 4, high brightness, 5, large viewing angle, 6, long visual distance, 7, many specifications and varieties.
LED display screen is a display device composed of LED arraysLED display product series:A. Monochrome, color bar display screen, B, computer-controlled digital display screen, C, monochrome graphic display screen, D, three color (red, green, yellow) graphic display screen, e, dot matrix and digital mixed display screen (Securities screen), F, dual primary color (red, green) multimedia video synchronous display screen, G, three primary color (red, green, blue) multimedia video synchronous display screenLED display classification:According to the display color is divided into: single red, single green, red and green double primary color, red, green and blue three colorsAccording to the use of function is divided into: graphic display, multimedia video display, market display, bar displayAccording to the use environment, it can be divided into indoor display, outdoor display and semi outdoor displayAccording to the diameter of the luminescent point, it can be divided into three parts φ 3.0、 φ 3.7、 φ 4.8、 φ 5.0、 φ 0, pH8, PH10, PH16, PH20 and so on.
the results showed that there was no significant difference between the two groupsAccording to the single point diameter of LED used, indoor LED display can be divided into three categories Φ 3mm、 Φ 3.75mm、 Φ 5mm、 Φ 8mm, and Φ 10 mm, etc; The outdoor LED display screen can be divided into three parts according to the pixel diameter Φ 16mm、 Φ 19mm、 Φ 22mm and Φ 26mm, etc.
according to the size of the nixie tube used, the market led display can be divided into 2.0cm (0.8inch), 2.5cm (1.0inch), 3.0cm (1.2inch), 4.6cmm (1.8inch), 5.8cm (2.3inch), 7.6cm (3inch) and other LED displays.
the market led display can be divided into two categoriesDisplay color: LED display screen can be divided into single primary color LED display screen (including pseudo color LED display screen).
dual primary color LED display screen and full color (three primary color) led display screen.
according to gray level, it can be divided into 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 gray level LED display screen, etc.
according to gray level, it can be divided into three levelsDisplay performance: LED display screen can be divided into text LED display screen and graphic LED display screen according to display performance.
computer video LED display screen, TV video LED display screen and quotation LED display screen, etc.
quotation LED display screen generally includes LED display screen for securities, interest rate, futures and other purposes.
display performance of LED display screen can be divided into text LED display screen and graphic LED display screenTechnical features of LED display screen:A. Excellent effect: the dynamic scanning technology is adopted.
the picture is stable, free of miscellaneous points, the image effect is clear, and the animation effect is vivid and diverse; The video effect is smooth; B. Rich content: it can display text, chart, image, animation and video information; C. Flexible mode: the display mode can be arranged by the user at will; D. Quality assurance: imported luminous materials, high-quality IC chips, noiseless high-power power supply; E. Large amount of information: the information displayed is not limited; F. Easy maintenance: modular design,Easy installation and maintenance it is placed on a shelf with lead wires, and then sealed with epoxy resin around to protect the inner core wires, so the anti-seismic performance of LED is good.
the core part of LED is a chip composed of p-type semiconductors and n-type semiconductors.
there is a transition layer between p-type semiconductors and n-type semiconductors, It is called p-n junction.
in the PN junction of some semiconductor materials,
when the injected minority carriers are combined with the majority carriers, the excess energy will be released in the form of light, so that the electric energy can be directly converted into light energy.
it is difficult to inject the minority carriers in the PN junction with reverse voltage, So it doesn't emit light.
this kind of diode based on the principle of injection electroluminescence is called light-emitting diode.
it is generally called led.
when it is in the forward working state (that is, the positive voltage is applied at both ends).
when the current flows from the anode to the cathode of the LED, the semiconductor crystal emits light of different colors from ultraviolet to infrared, The intensity of light is related to the current.
energy saving lamp is a kind of special fluorescent lamp.
it is based on the phosphor on the lamp body excited by ultraviolet light.
at present, energy saving lamp mostly refers to the gas discharge lamp excited by electronic circuit.
LED is a kind of light-emitting diode, which can be ignited directly by rated voltage. From the perspective of development, it is a new type of energy-saving lamp..
energy saving lamp
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