What are the brands of LED display?
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one   Indoor (no waterproof)   Outdoor (waterproof)
one   Indoor (no waterproof)   Outdoor (waterproof)two   There are three kinds of lamp board: LED, SMT and dot matrixthree   Screen size: L * w * hfour   pixelfive   Pixel spacingsix   Monochrome, bicolor, full colorseven   Pre maintenance   Post maintenanceeight   Synchronization screen   Asynchronous screennine   Communication mode: 232 / 485 / USB / Ethernet / WiFi / infrared / Mobile 3G networkten   Input voltage: 220 V required in China,   U.S.A   Japan requires 110V, bus, taxi: 12VDC  / 24VDC  According to my experience, that's all. I hope I can help youWelcome. LED display has no brand. Materials have brands. For example, the unit board, control card, power supply, these assembled consumables have brands. The general advertising shop can assemble the display screen, but the specific process and manufacturers are not the same..

What are the brands of LED display?

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