What is the difference between LED backlight and OLED display?
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In general, LED display, LED backlight and OLED are three completely different imaging technologies.
Generally speaking, LED display, LED backlight and OLED are three completely different imaging technologiesLED backlight refers to the use of LED (light emitting diode) as the backlight of liquid crystal display.
while LED backlight is only the backlight source of liquid crystal display, which transits from the traditional CCFL cold light tube (similar to fluorescent lamp) to LED (light emitting diode).

What is the difference between LED backlight and OLED display?

the imaging principle of liquid crystal can be simply understood as.
when the external voltage is applied to deflect the liquid crystal molecules, the backlight is blocked like a gate Then the light is projected into the color filters of different colors to form an image.
the color filters of different colors are used to form an imageThe transition of backlight module from CCFL to LED can bring many benefits.
it can make the brightness of the display screen more uniform, the power consumption of the product is lower, and the appearance can be thinner and more fashionable.
however, w-led backlight is commonly used in the market at present.
in fact, this kind of backlight only replaces the luminous components, However, the improvement of the display effect is very weak or not.
rgb-led, which can improve the display effect of liquid crystal products significantly, can improve the display effect more obviously.
but at the same time, the production cost is higher, So it is used in high-cost LCD TV.
at present, LED display refers to the display product with white LED backlight.
the difference between ordinary LCD and LED display is the change of backlight.
in this paper, the development of LED display is introducedOLED is the abbreviation of organic light-emitting diode in English.
translated as organic light-emitting diode or organic light-emitting display.
in fact, this kind of light-emitting principle was discovered as early as 1936.
but it was not until 1987 that Kodak company launched OLED double-layer device,As a commercial and excellent flat panel display technology, OLED has attracted people's attention.
OLED display has excellent characteristics such as no backlight, high contrast, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, fast reaction speed, flexible panel, wide temperature range, simple structure and process, It is considered as the next generation of flat panel display emerging application technologyMany people tend to associate OLED with LED backlight, which is widely hyped by LED display manufacturers.
in fact, OLED and LED backlight are totally different display technologies.
OLED emits light by driving the organic film itself by current.
the light emitted can be red, green, blue, white and other monochromatic, It can also achieve full-color effect.
therefore, OLED is a new light-emitting principle different from CRT.
LED and liquid crystal technology.
OLED is a new light-emitting principleLED display screen is composed of LED lattice and ledpc panel.
text, picture, animation and video can be displayed by red, blue, white and green LED lights, and the content can be changed at any time. All components are display devices with modular structure.
traditional LED display screen is usually composed of display module, display module, display module, display module and display module The control system and the power supply system are composed of.
the materials used for the display module are different.
LED uses metal materials.
while OLED uses organic materials; OLED is more advanced, it does not need light irradiation can be self luminous, better contrast, usually with LED is to have backlight irradiation to see thingsOLED and LED are not the same concept.
but in fact, they describe completely different things.
we all know that LCD panel emits light through backlight.
LED and OLED are not the same conceptDifferent colors are produced by the refraction of liquid crystal molecules. Liquid crystal molecules cannot emit light, while led only refers to backlight.
and OLED can emit light itself.
therefore, backlight is not needed.
LED can emit lightHope to adopt.
wish you a happy life
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