What are led display technology?
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1. Lattice module scheme: the earliest design scheme is developed from the interior pseudo color lattice screenAdvantages: the cost of raw materials has the most advantages, and the production and processing technology is simple, and the quality is stable.Disadvantages: poor color consistency, serious mosaic phenomenon, poor display effect.2. Single lamp scheme: in order to solve the color problem of dot matrix screen, we use the outdoor display technology for reference, and transplant the outdoor pixel reuse technology (also known as pixel sharing technology, virtual pixel Technology) to the indoor display.Advantages: color consistency is better than dot matrix module.Disadvantages: poor color mixing effect, small viewing angle, color difference in horizontal direction. The processing is complex and the requirement of antistatic is high. It is difficult to achieve the actual pixel resolution above 10000 points.3. Chip scheme: the scheme of using chip LED as display element.Advantages: color consistency, visual angle and other important display indicators are the best in the existing scheme, especially the color mixing effect of three in one surface paste is very good.Disadvantages: the processing technology is troublesome and the cost is too high.4。

What are led display technology?

Sub surface paste scheme: actually, it is an improvement of single lamp scheme, which is still in the process of improvement.Advantages: in the display color consistency, angle of view and other primary indicators, there is little difference with the labeling scheme, but the cost is low, the display effect is very good, and the resolution can be more than 17200 in theory.Disadvantages: processing or more complex, high antistatic requirements.. Pasting, checking, engineering, system`~That's all.
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