What are the advantages of LED screen?
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The abbreviation of LED light emitting diode (LED).

What are the advantages of LED screen?

it is widely used in daily life.
for example, the indicator light of home appliances, automobile rear fog light, etc.
the most significant feature of LED is its long service life.
high photoelectric conversion efficiency.
it has a long service lifeThe LED modules are arranged in matrix or pen segments.
prefabricated into standard size modules.
the commonly used ones are 8x8 dot matrix modules (64 for monochrome) × One or two primary colors have 64 × Two light-emitting diodes).
8-word seven segment digital moduleIn order to improve the brightness.
increase the viewing distance, two or more to dozens of LEDs are integrated and packaged into a bundle tube as a pixel.
this kind of LED bundle tube is mainly used for making outdoor screens.
also known as pixel tube.
this kind of LED bundle tube is mainly used for making outdoor screensThe LED display panel is a matrix of LED modules or cluster tubes according to the actual needs.
it is equipped with special display circuit, DC regulated power supply, software, frame and external decoration to form a LED display panel.
LCD projector is a combination of LCD display technology and projection technology.
it makes use of the electro-optic effect of liquid crystal, The transmittance and reflectivity of the LCD unit are controlled by the circuit, so as to produce beautiful images with different gray levels and up to 16.7 million colors.
the main imaging device of LCD projector is the LCD panel.
the volume of LCD projector depends on the size of the LCD panel.
the smaller the LCD panel is, the smaller the LCD panel is, The smaller the size of the projector.
LED display: also known as electronic display or floating word screen.
it is composed of LED dot matrix.
through the LED electronic display (1 piece), text, pictures, animation and video can be displayed by the red or green light,The content can be changed at any time, and each component is a modular display device.
it is usually composed of a display module, a control system and a power supply system.
the display module is composed of a lattice composed of LED lights.
it is responsible for light-emitting display; The control system can make the screen display text, pictures, videos and other contents by controlling the lighting of the corresponding area; The power supply system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current into the voltage and current required by the display screen.
the LED display screen can display changing numbers, text, graphics and images; It can be used not only in indoor environment, but also in outdoor environment.
it has many advantages, such as high brightness, low working voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, long service life, shock resistance and stable performance.
directly speaking, it is a good example of LED
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