Is led screen hard screen?
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LED is only the backlight of LCD panel, which has nothing to do with whether the LCD screen is hard or soft. In theory, hard screens are better than soft screens, but hard screens with poor performance are not necessarily better than soft screens with good performance. There are more soft screens in the market. In fact, users need not pay attention to them.
LED is just the backlight of LCD panel, which has nothing to do with whether the LCD screen is a hard screen or a soft screen.
in theory, a hard screen is better than a soft screen.

Is led screen hard screen?

but a hard screen with poor performance is not necessarily better than a soft screen with good performance. The market sales of soft screens are more than that of soft screens. In fact, users need not pay attention to it.
LED screens have soft screens and hard screensSimple distinction between hard screen and soft screenIPS (hard screen)In plane switching (IPS) is a LCD technology introduced by Hitachi in 2001, commonly known as "super TFT."
the IPS camp is led by Hitachi.
it has gathered LGD, Hanyu color crystal and other manufacturersThe most important feature of this technology is that its two poles are on the same plane.
unlike other liquid crystal models, the electrodes are arranged in the same plane.
because the electrodes are on the same plane.
no matter in what state, the liquid crystal molecules are always parallel to the screen, which will reduce the opening rate and reduce the light transmittance. Therefore, IPS application in liquid crystal TV will need more lamps, However, to a certain extent, the power consumption will be larger.
the power consumption will be largerAnother drawback is that the light leakage problem is serious.
the purity of black is not enough, and the contrast is slightly worse than PVA, so it must rely on the compensation of optical film to achieve better black.
in order to improve the quality of black, it is necessary to use the optical film to compensateThe advantages of IPS screen are high viewing angle and fast response speed.
the color restoration is accurate.
compared with other types of screens.
the screen of IPS screen is more "hard", and it is not easy to appear water pattern deformation when you stroke it gently with your hand, so it is also known as hard screen.
the IPS screen is more "hard"VA (soft screen)Fujitsu's MVA Technology (multi domain vertical alignment.)Multi quadrant vertical alignment technology is the earliest wide viewing angle LCD technology.
this kind of screen can provide a larger viewing angle.
usually it can reach 170 °. it is close to the current needs of consumers to watch at home, and the response time can also reach less than 8 ms.
in this paper, we analyzed the relationship between the response time and the demand of consumersSamsung's PVA Technology (patterned vertical alignment) also belongs to the category of VA technology.
it is the inheritor and developer of MVA technology, and the improved S-PVA can keep pace with p-mva.
PVA uses transparent ITO electrode instead of the liquid crystal layer bumps in MVA.
transparent electrode can obtain better opening rate and minimize the waste of backlight.
in this paper, the structure of PVA is introducedVA wide view technology.
due to its powerful production capacity and stable quality control system, it is widely used in medium and high-end LCD or LCD TV.
VA screen belongs to soft screen.
a similar water mark will appear when you swipe gently with your hand.
VA screen is a kind of soft screenSoft and hard screen.
is not the only standard of choiceAt present, the screen manufacturers using VA wide view technology include AUO, CMO, CPT, Samsung and sharp; IPS alpha and LGD were used in iPS technologyIn the same situation.
using the same signal source to watch two different LCD TVs, if the picture quality is obviously different, the key problem should be the level of LCD screen and the performance of core driver, not the software and hardware of the screen.
reasonable explanation of hard screen and soft screen,Although the production process characteristics of the manufacturers are different, they are also inseparable from each otherThe physical properties of hard screen and soft screen are the same.
as long as there is no gravity impact or sharp objects, it is not easy to damage.
experts in the home appliance industry believe that no matter hard screen or soft screen, it is impossible to determine the quality of LCD TV products, and it should not be the only standard for consumers to choose and choose.
in this paper, the physical properties of hard screen and soft screen are analyzedAlthough there are some differences between hard screen and soft screen in manufacturing process, there is no absolute difference in performance.
the former has poor light leakage and contrast.
the latter has color distortion from the side view. However, hard screen and soft screen manufacturers have gradually improved towards their own shortcomings, and there is no absolute truth in the world. The fallacy of good hard screen and poor soft screen is naturally self defeating in the modern information circulation.
in this paper, the author makes a comparative study of hard screen and soft screenThere is no obvious difference in the quality between hard screen and soft screen.
the protective film added to hard screen will not cause poor light transmission, and the bonding process requirements between film and screen are also very good.
however, the soft screen without protective film.
as long as consumers pay attention to the use, it is not easy to scratch without gravity impact or sharp objects.
in general, it is not easy to scratch
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