The difference between LED display and LCD??
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Detailed comparison between LED display and ordinary display
Detailed comparison between LED display and ordinary display recent years, the upgrading speed of the display market has completely exceeded the past. Just when people are still struggling to choose which size of display to buy, and they are hesitant to buy 16:9 or 16:10, another kind of display with new technology is on the market, which is LED backlight LCD.
what are the advantages of LED display? What's the price of LED display? Compared with the traditional LCD monitor.
What's the difference?Fierce competition in LCD marketAt present, the LCD market is in chaos. Products of various specifications coexist in the market. Only 16:10 widescreen has 19, 22, 24 and even larger sizes. The sudden emergence of 16:9 widescreen makes this situation even more chaotic. The prices of two series of products of various specifications are staggered, and the price difference between 19, 22 and 28 inches is only a few hundred yuan, It's only a few tens of yuan.

The difference between LED display and LCD??

the quality is also uneven.
in order to control the cost, some large screen displays are suspected of being shoddy from the core components to the shell design.
it's obvious.
in the past, it's not suitable to determine what products to buy only by size.
at present, it's not suitableLED display technology exchange http://bbs.ledwn.comLed liquid crystal disrupts the display marketThe addition of LED backlight liquid crystal makes consumers more and more confused.
LED backlight liquid crystal is only on the basis of traditional liquid crystal.
the backlight system is changed from fluorescence to LED, but no matter in terms of display effect or service life,More importantly, after nearly a year of development, the price of this kind of display has dropped from several thousand yuan to about 2000 yuan, which is in the same price range as the traditional LCDWhen consumers are faced with so many choices.
Where should they go? How good is the display effect of LED liquid crystal? Is it worth paying for? As a new technology, what are the performance advantages of LED backlight? Can the ultra long life and low power consumption of LED liquid crystal offset the price difference with traditional liquid crystal? In order to answer these questions, we have collected several representative led liquid crystal products, and hope that through their testing and analysis, consumers can choose more suitable products in the misty liquid crystal market.
the paper introduces the development of LED liquid crystal products in ChinaAt present, the low price LED display on the market is designed with white backlightLED backlight is a relatively new technology.
at present, major manufacturers have applied it to high-end products, such as the xl20 / xl24 / XL30 products launched by Samsung, which are located in the professional market and expensive.
however, such products use RGB three color LED backlight.
that is, each LED light source can emit red, green and blue at the same time, Therefore, its color expressiveness can reach a very high levelOf course, not all manufacturers position LED backlight liquid crystal so high.
for example, the vled221wm of upai is also LED backlight, but the price is much more gentle, which is 3999 yuan.
while the v19 / V22 price of AOC is 1699 yuan and 1999 yuan respectively.
although the price of this kind of product is low.
the price of this kind of product is lowHowever, it uses another kind of backlight: white LED, that is, the LED in the backlight only emits white light.
so what are the advantages of this product.
now we will give you a detailed answer about whether it has the purchase value at the present stage.
we will give you a detailed answerFrom fluorescent tube to LEDIn the past, the backlight used by LCD is called CCFL.
it can be simply understood as a very small fluorescent tube.
and LED is a kind of light-emitting diode.
in our daily life, we see more LED flashlight, which has the advantages of high brightness, long life, small size and so on.
LED LCD only changes the backlight from the traditional CCFL to LED.
there is no change in the panel type.
there is no change in the panel typeLED white backlightFive advantagesRicher colors and more uniform brightnessMore power saving in shadowing and dynamic contrastLighter and thinnerContrast one, more colorful.
LED gamut range up to 100% ~ 130%At present, the color of LCD is still unsatisfactory. In the eyes of many users, the color of LCD still can't compare with that of CRT in the peak period.
however, when the panel manufacturing technology can't make a big breakthrough at the present stage.
only through the improvement of backlight technology can the color of LCD be improved.
the color of LCD be improvedLED display color gamut range up to 100% ~ 130%At present, the mainstream CCFL (cold cathode backlight) is limited by its own spectrum.
the white light emitted by CCFL can not be decomposed into more color light, and the gamut range is only about 70% of NTSC.
however, the use of LED as backlight is different.
in this paper, the color gamut of CCFL is analyzedThe color gamut range of LED can reach 100% - 130%, without 30% color loss like traditional CCFL backlightTherefore, the color of LED backlight display should be fuller.
and the details of the picture should be clearer, and the color transition should be more natural.
for users.
this also means that better picture quality can be obtained when watching games or high-definition movies.
this paper introduces the design of LED backlight displayNow let's compare the AOC V22 with the ordinary 22 inch wide screen.
let's see if the LED liquid crystal is as good as the traditional liquid crystalContrast test: LED LCD display effect is more naturalLed liquid crystal has incomparable advantages in color purity and transition naturalness.
take a picture of a fallen leaf as an example.
on the ordinary liquid crystal display, the color on the leaf is very messy, and on the middle leaf, there is a very obvious dividing line between red and green.
on the LED backlight liquid crystal, although the middle leaf has many colors, such as green, red, purple, orange, etc, However, the transition between colors is extremely soft.
the most amazing thing is that on the CCFL liquid crystal, a leaf is displayed in green, while on the LED backlight display, we can see that the leaf is actually light yellow, and obviously the appearance on the LED liquid crystal should be more natural.
this is very important for users who like to watch blockbusters.
this is the most important thing for the users who like to watch blockbustersTip: what is NTSC gamutNTSC gamut: the sum of colors in the NTSC standard.
NTSC is a set of protocols for transmission and acceptance of television broadcasting formulated by the National Television Standards Board of the United States.
NTSC is a set of protocols for transmission and acceptance of television broadcastingAmong them, the color bit depth is set at 24 bits (about 16.7 million different colors), which has exceeded the number of colors that human eyes can distinguish (12 million-14 million), so it is also called true colorSummary: LED has perfect color performance.
transition is more naturalIn the past, CCFL backlight liquid crystal has been cheating our eyes.
LED liquid crystal has a very powerful color transition ability.
thanks to this, the details in the picture are more clearly presented in front of our eyes.
LED liquid crystal has a very strong color transition abilityContrast 2: the brightness of liquid crystal is higher.
the brightness uniformity is betterThese two problems are particularly obvious on large-size LCD, which will make some parts of the screen bright and some parts dark, and also lead to color deviation.
the color of the screen is not uniformTraditional LCD is generally in 300-500 lumens, while LED brightness can reach thousands of lumensThe brightness of traditional LCD can't be too high.
it is generally between 300-500 lumens.
and the brightness of LED can be improved infinitely in theory.
therefore, the brightness of LED backlit display can even reach thousands of lumens to meet the needs of various users.
the brightness of LED backlit display can meet the needs of various usersIn addition to brightness,
the biggest advantage of LED backlight is better brightness uniformity.
the traditional CCFL backlight displays have long and thin tubes, no matter how they are arranged, the brightness of each point on the screen can not be the same, It is possible that the brightness difference between the center and the periphery of the screen can reach about 100 lumens.
while the LED backlight adopts the method of point light source collection to illuminate.
many small LEDs are evenly distributed,This enables the brightness difference of each point on the screen to be controlled, and with the increase of the number of LEDs, this difference can continue to decrease.
the brightness difference of each point on the screen can be controlledFor users who like high-definition movies or need graphics processing, higher brightness will make the details on the screen clearer.
and better brightness uniformity will make it impossible for some places on the screen to be bright.
some places will be black.
in this case, there will be more brightness on the screenThe brightness difference of LED is about 15 lumens, while that of LCD is about 80 lumensThe illuminance meter is still used to test the brightness.
for the test of brightness uniformity, nine test points are taken on the screen. After the brightness of each point is tested, the difference between the other points and this point is calculated based on the point in the center of the screen. The smaller the value, the better.
for the test of brightness uniformity, the betterIn terms of brightness uniformity.
the performance of LED liquid crystal is excellent, the brightness difference between the surrounding 8 test points and the central reference point is only about 15 lumens, while the data on CCFL liquid crystal is about 80 lumens.
it is obvious that the brightness uniformity of LED liquid crystal has reached a higher level.
the brightness uniformity of LED liquid crystal has reached a higher levelSummary: LED liquid crystal brightness is average.
brightness uniformity is excellentLED products brightness uniformity of LED liquid crystal is very good.
but why is there a big difference at a certain point? The only reason is that there may be a problem with the brightness value of the LED below this point.
but there are so many LEDs in the LED backlight system.
How can we completely ensure that their brightness is the same? This is not groundless. The LED backlight integrates more LEDs,It also means that there is a higher probability of problems.
IED is clear.
there are few bad points.
IEDs are clear
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