What is the difference between LED TV and LED display?
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Yamaki display brand LED display manufacturers, Yamaki display brand LED electronic display manufacturers, Yamaki display brand full color LED display manufacturers, Yamaki display brand outdoor LED display manufacturers, Yamaki display brand indoor LED display manufacturers - China Yamaki display brand groupYamaki display brand LED display manufacturersYamaki display has cooperated with Panasonic, Samsung, Nichia chemical, Kerui and other world-class famous enterprises. Its products have passed CCC, CE, UL, FCC, SGS and ROHS environmental protection certification. Its products are exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, The products are sold all over the world.

What is the difference between LED TV and LED display?

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Yamaki display: - 15819977170 Su R '^_^ QQ:286325043Address of Shanmu display group (100 meters north of the intersection between Guzhen and Haizhou, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province)LED panel: LED is light emitting diodeLED screen is a kind of display mode by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodeThe general appearance is that it is composed of many small red lights, and the characters are displayed by the light on and off.
LED display screenA display screen used to display text, graphics, images, animations, quotations, videos, video signals, and other information.
the screen is used to display text, graphics, images, animations, quotations, videos, and other informationYamaki displayLED display screen is divided into LED graphic display screen and LED video display screenAll of them are composed of LED matrix blocks.
LED graphic displayThe display screen can display Chinese characters, English text and graphics synchronously with the computer; The LED video display screen is controlled by microcomputerControl.
with pictures and pictures, it can broadcast all kinds of information in a real-time, synchronous and clear way of information transmission, and display 2D and 3D animation, video, TV, VCD programs and live scenes.
mountain displayThe LED display screen has bright colors.
it has strong three-dimensional sense, static as oil painting and dynamic as film, and is widely used in financeTax, industry and commerce, posts and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education system, stations, docksAirports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and their managementIt's a public place.
Yamaki displayThe LED display screen can display changing numbers, words, graphics and images; It can be used not only in indoor environment, but also in indoor environmentIt can be used in outdoor environment.
it has incomparable advantages over projector, TV wall and LCD.
Yamaki displayThe reason why LED display has been widely valued and developed rapidly is due to its advantagesThese advantages can be summarized as follows: high brightness, low operating voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization and long service lifeThe development prospect of LED display is very broad.
at present, LED display is moving towards higher brightness and higher resistanceClimate, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, panchromatic directionYamaki display brand related concepts1. Yamaki display products.
products refer to anything that can be provided to the market.
used and consumed by people, and can meet certain needs of people,It includes tangible goods, intangible services, organizations, concepts or their combination.
generally, products can be divided into three levels, namely core products, formal products and extended products.
core products refer to the direct benefits and utility provided by the whole product to buyers; Formal product refers to the physical appearance of the product in the market.
it includes the quality, characteristics, modeling, trademark and packaging of the product; Extended product refers to a series of additional benefits provided by the whole product to customers, including transportation, installation, maintenance, guarantee, etc2. Yamaki display trademark.
trademark is a kind of legal term.
it is used by the producers and operators in their production, manufacturing, processing, selection or distribution of goods or services. In order to distinguish the source of goods or services and have significant characteristics, it is generally composed of words, characters, and other symbols The trademark approved and registered by the state is a "registered trademark"
protected by law.
the trademark registrant has the exclusive right to use the trademark.
the trademark is registered by the state3. Yamaki display famous brand.
the most popular understanding of famous brand is well-known brand.
the word "famous brand" appeared before the concept of brand.
it is the product of China's specific environment.
the concept of "famous brand" is the product of China's specific environment4. Yamaki display brand equity.
brand equity is a series of assets and liabilities that are related to brand, brand name and logo.
it can increase or decrease the value of products or services sold by enterprises.
it mainly includes five aspects.
they are brand loyalty, brand recognition, brand perceived quality, brand association, and other proprietary assets (such as trademarks, patents, brands, etc.) These assets provide value to consumers and enterprises in a variety of ways.
in this paper, the author analyzes the relationship between these assets and enterprises5. Yamaki shows brand recognition.
2Brand identity is an association that brand marketers hope to create and maintain.
it can cause people to have a good impression of the brand.
these associations imply a certain commitment of enterprises to consumers.
brand identity will guide the whole process of brand creation and communication.
therefore, it must have a certain depth and breadth.
brand identity is a kind of association that brand marketers hope to create and maintain6. Yamaki displays brand symbol.
brand symbol is the basic means to distinguish products or services.
it includes name, logo, basic color, slogan, symbol, spokesperson, packaging, etc.
these identification elements form an organic structure.
exert influence on consumers.
it is the basis of forming brand concept.
a successful brand symbol is an important asset of a company, It plays an important role in the interaction between brands and consumers.
in the process of interaction between brands and consumers, it plays an important role7. Yamaki shows brand personality.
brand personality is a series of human characteristics owned by a specific brand.
that is, the personality quality presented by the brand.
it is an important part of brand identification.
it can humanize lifeless products or services.
brand personality can bring strong and unique brand association.
enrich the connotation of the brand.
brand personality can bring strong and unique brand association8. Shanmu display brand positioning.
brand positioning is based on the comprehensive analysis of the target market and competition.
establish a unique brand image in line with the original product, and design and spread the overall image of the brand, It is a process or action to occupy a unique value position in the hearts of the target consumers.
its focus is the psychological feelings of the target consumers.
the way is to design the overall image of the brand. In essence, it is to design the product attributes and spread the brand value according to the characteristics of the target consumers, so as to form the unique position of the brand in the hearts of the target consumers.
this paper analyzes the characteristics of the brand, and puts forward some suggestions for the brand design9. Yamaki displays brand image.
brand image refers to the total impression of the brand formed in the brain by consumers based on the brand information they can contact.
brand image and brand identification are different and related.
the difference between them is that brand identification is how brand strategists want people to treat the brand, Brand image is how people treat brand in reality; The relationship between the two lies in that brand identity is the source and basis of the formation of brand image, and brand image is the result of the implementation of brand identity to some extent10. Yamaki display brand culture.
brand culture refers to the cultural accumulation gradually formed in the operation of the brand.
it represents the benefit cognition and emotional belonging of the enterprise and consumers, and is the sum of the brand, traditional culture and enterprise personality image.
it is different from the internal cohesion of enterprise culture.
brand culture highlights the external propaganda and integration advantages of the enterprise, The enterprise brand concept is effectively passed on to consumers, thus occupying the minds of consumers..
brand culture is the essence of.
, which is condensed on the brand.11. Brand extension of Yamaki display.
brand extension refers to the strategy of applying famous brands to new products and services in order to reduce the risk of new products entering the market.
it can increase the acceptability of new products and reduce the risk of consumer behavior.
it can improve the use efficiency of promotional expenses, And to meet the diverse needs of consumers12. Yamaki display brand structure.
brand structure refers to the combination of different product brands of an enterprise.
it specifies the role of brands and the relationship between brands,And their different roles in the brand system.
a reasonable brand structure helps to find commonness and produce synergy.
manage multiple brands in a clear and orderly way, reduce the damage to brand identification, make adjustments quickly and efficiently, and allocate resources among brands more reasonably.
the brand structure of a brand is the key to the brand management13. Yamaki display brand awareness.
brand awareness is an important part of brand equity.
it is a standard to measure consumers' understanding of brand connotation and value.
brand awareness is an important part of brand equity14. Shanmu display brand reputation.
brand reputation is one of the components of brand power.
it is the degree of people's favor and trust in a certain brand in the market.
brand reputation is one of the components of brand power15. Brand loyalty of Yamaki display.
brand loyalty refers to many factors such as brand skills, brand spirit, brand behavior culture, etc.
which make consumers have a special preference for a certain brand, In short,
brand loyalty is the repeated purchase behavior of consumers.
according to the formation process of customer loyalty,
it can be divided into cognitive loyalty, emotional loyalty, intentional loyalty and behavioral loyalty.
brand loyalty can be divided into cognitive loyalty, emotional loyalty, intentional loyalty and behavioral loyalty16. Yamaki display brand preference.
brand preference is an important part of brand power.
it refers to consumers' preference for the brand in a certain market, and it is the understanding of consumers' brand choice intention.
brand preference is an important part of brand power17. Independent brand of Yamaki display.
independent brand refers to the brand that is independently developed by enterprises.
it has independent intellectual property rights.
it has three main measurement factors: market ownership, history of production and R & D, and its position in the whole industry.
the independent brand of Yamaki display is a brand with independent intellectual property rightsYamaki display outdoor full color seriesProduct features:Strong applicability: Yamaki display specially studies various outdoor environmentsThe results are applied to the design system,The adaptability and reliability of the products in various outdoor harsh environments have been significantly improved; Colorful:It is composed of three primary colors (red, green and blue) display unit box, and 16777216 colors are composed of 256 gray levels of red, green and blueThe electronic screen can display dynamic images with rich colors, high saturation, high resolution and high display frequency;Scope of application:Government square, leisure square, prosperous business center, advertising information bulletin board, commercial street, railway station, etc.
all of them are located in BeijingSpecifications: P10, p12.5, P14, p16, P18, P20, P22, P25, p31.25Yamaki display outdoor full color seriesProduct features:Rich color: it is composed of three primary colors (red, green and blue) display unit box.
it is composed of 256 gray levels of red, green and blue16777216 colors make the electronic screen display colorful, high saturation, high resolution and high display frequencyDynamic image;Scope of application:Large stadiums, train waiting rooms, live TV programs, exhibition venues, performing arts centers, entertainment placesAt the scene of large-scale Gala, concert, etc.
there are many problemsSpecifications: p4.75, p7.62, P8, P10, p12.5, P14, p16, P18, P20, P25, p37.5, p38P100Indoor single and double color seriesProduct features:High brightness: ultra high brightness LED is used.
it is still visible from a long distance;Strong reliability: it adopts distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, with higher reliability and stability;Scope of application:Airport information display, train waiting room information display, port information display, advertising signs, securities and financial information display
and so onSpecifications: f1.9, f3.0, f3.75, f4.8, f5.0, P6, p7.62, P10, p12.5, P14, p16, P18P20, p31.25, p38, P100, etc.
conclusion: the expression of P20, p31.25, p38, P100, etcStage, bar screenThe stage performance, theater, disco, bar and other large-scale video display fields once again create bright video effects.
create dynamic full
cinemaYamaki display group has accumulated ten years of development and production experience in the field of LED.
in order to enrich the stage perspective, Yamaki display group recently launched HDClear stage screen products.
the image is clear.
it is full of motion, and the wide advertising face size is eye-catching.
the picture is clearIt can play TV, DVD and background embellishment.
the recommended products are p12, P14, p16 and P20, which are widely used in stageRental, stadium, theater, auditorium, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, performance hall, disco, nightclubKaraoke rooms and other audio system projects.
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