What's the difference between mirror screen and LED screen?
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LED backlight: relative to LCD backlight. It refers to the luminous mechanism of LCD. It doesn't matter whether it's a mirror screen or not. The old-fashioned screen was a liquid crystal panel with one or two high-voltage lamps behind it to provide the light source. Light up the screen. The new style is to replace the LED high-voltage light tube to provide light source. LED backlight has the characteristics of long life, low energy consumption and high brightness. To put it bluntly, the so-called LED screen and LCD screen are actually LCD screens, but the so-called backlight is different.
LED backlight: relative to LCD backlight,
refers to the light-emitting mechanism of LCD screen.

What's the difference between mirror screen and LED screen?

it has nothing to do with whether it is a mirror screen.
the old screen has one or two high-voltage lamps behind the LCD panel to provide light source.
to illuminate the screen.
the new LED light-emitting diodes replace the high-voltage lamps to provide light source.
LED backlight has the advantages of long life, low energy consumption and high brightness Features.
to put it bluntly.
now the so-called LED screen and LCD screen are actually LCD screens, but the so-called backlight source is different.
the so-called backlight source is differentMirror screen: This is some LCD screen manufacturers.
according to the needs of different customers, they produce different kinds of screens.
you can understand this.
the same screen.
some of them add a layer of glass shell on the surface.
generally, the color of the mirror screen is gorgeous.
but the reflectivity is not good, It's like a mirror.
some non mirror screens have the feeling of mirror screen after they are pasted with poor quality screen film.
some non mirror screens have the feeling of mirror screenThe first impression of the mirror screen is high brightness, high contrast and high sharpness.
the mirror screen is a popular high contrast and high brightness screen in the mainstream LCD.
due to the mirror technology of the panel, the light scattering is reduced.
the contrast and color restoration of the product are greatly improved. the advantages of this system are as follows:Disadvantages: because of the lack of diffuse reflection film.
if used in a high brightness environment, the mirror screen will really let users see themselves and everything behind them as clearly as a mirror,It has a great influence on the feeling of using.
it has a great influence on the feeling of usingLCD classification of digital productsGenerally speaking,
the material used by LCD is closely related to the display effect, so classifying LCD from the material of LCD can make us more clearly understand the characteristics of all kinds of LCD.
in this paper, the characteristics of LCD are analyzed1. STN LCDSTN is the abbreviation of "super teisted neural". "
it belongs to passive matrix LCD, almost all black and whiteAll LCD screens of mobile phones are made of this material.
Color STN LCD is to add a color filter on the basis of monochromatic STN LCD.
each pixel in the monochromatic display matrix is divided into three sub pixels, and red, green and blue colors are displayed through the color filter, So as to realize the color picture.
due to the limitation of technology.
at present, STN LCD has only 65536 colors at most, and most of the STN products on the market are 4096 colors, so STN is also called "pseudo color"STN technology has been developed quite mature.
its biggest advantage is low power consumption, so it is quite power-saving. However, STN LCD has a long response time, the fastest response time is generally 200ms, and its response time is difficult to improve, In addition, STN LCD has no backlight design.
its picture edge often appears distortion, and because the color and brightness of STN LCD are not very good, it is difficult to see the screen in the outdoor and other strong light environment.
in addition, STN LCD has no backlight design2. GF LCDGF is the abbreviation of "glass fine color"Perhaps we are unfamiliar with GF LCD screen, because it is now on the marketThere are very few digital products using GF LCD. In fact, GF belongs to STN. The main feature of GF is that the brightness is improved on the premise of low power consumption, but GF LCD has some color deviation3. TFT LCDTFT is the abbreviation of "thin film transformer". "
also known as" true color ", it belongs to the active matrix LCD screen, it isThe screen is composed of thin film transistors. Each liquid crystal pixel is driven by thin film transistors. There are four independent thin film transistors behind each pixel to drive the pixel to emit color light, which can display true color with 24bit color depth.
in terms of resolution.
the maximum resolution of TFT liquid crystal screen can reach uxga (1600) × 1200).
The arrangement of TFT has memory.
therefore, it will not immediately return to its original state after the current disappears, so as to improve the shortcomings of flicker and blur of STN LCD screen, effectively improve the effect of dynamic picture display of LCD screen, and the ability of static picture display is more prominent. The long point of TFT LCD screen is short response time and bright color, So it is widely used in notebook computers, DV and DC.
the disadvantage of TFT LCD is that it consumes more power.
and the cost is also higher. due to the high power consumption and high cost of TFT LCD, it is necessary toThe cost of digital products is greatly increased, so Epson specially developed TFD technology for mobile phone screen, which is also an active matrix LCD screen. Each pixel on the LCD is equipped with a separate diode,Each pixel can be controlled independently, so that each pixel will not affect each other, which can significantly improve the resolution and display dynamic pictures and gorgeous colors without tailingIn terms of performance.
TFD LCD takes into account the advantages of both TFT LCD and STN LCD. The brightness of TFD LCD is higher than STN LCD, and the color is also more bright. At the same time, it saves more power than TFT LCD, but it is still inferior to TFT LCD in color and brightness.
TFD LCD has the advantages of high brightness and bright color5. Ufb LCDUfb is the abbreviation of "ultra fine bright". "
its LCD screen is characterized by ultra thin and high brightness.
ufb LCD screen also has the following featuresA special grating design is adopted.
the pixel spacing can be reduced to obtain better image quality.
generally, the ufb LCD can display 65536 colors.
it can reach 128 colors × In theory, the contrast of ufb LCD screen can reach twice that of STN LCD screen, the brightness of ufb LCD screen is equal to that of TFT LCD screen in 65536 colors, the power consumption is less than that of TFT LCD screen, and the price is similar to STN LCD screen, which can be said to combine the advantages of TFT and STN6. OLED LCDOLED is the abbreviation of "organic light emitting display."
also known as organic light emitting display, it uses organic light emitting displayOLED display technology is different from traditional liquid crystal display. Instead of backlight, it uses very thin organic material coating and glass substrate. When current passes through, these organic materials will emit light,Therefore, it has a large angle of view, can see the contents of the screen clearly from all directions, and can be made very thin, and OLED display can significantly save power, known as "dream display"However, OLED is not without shortcomings.
because it is still an immature technology, its service life is still relatively short and the screen area is relatively small at this stage.
OLED has many advantages, such as low cost and low costRecognition of different kinds of LCDSee the classification of liquid crystal.
let's talk about how to identify these kinds of liquid crystal screens.
let's talk about the classification of liquid crystalFirst of all, let's take a look at STN LCD.
due to the large price difference between STN LCD and TFT LCD, some JS often regard the mobile phone using STN LCD as the mobile phone using TFT LCD.
in fact, the difference between STN LCD and TFT LCD is quite obvious.
the difference is that the edge of the picture displayed by STN LCD will be distorted, Moreover, the brightness of the four corners of the LCD screen is significantly darker than that in the middle. At the same time, STN LCD screen is difficult to see the display content clearly under strong light, while TFT LCD screen does not have these disadvantages.
the results show that the brightness of the four corners of the LCD screen is significantly darker than that in the middleLet's take a look at TFT LCD.
due to the high cost of TFT LCD, it is only used in laptops, digital cameras, digital cameras and a few high-end mobile phones.
the brightness of TFT LCD is very high.
even in strong light, you can see clearly the content on the screen, which is an important feature of TFT different from other low-end LCD.
the LCD has a high brightnessFor the TDF LCD screen,
the situation is a little more complicated. As TFD is a new technology developed by Epson, its display effect is close to that of TT LCD screen,It's hard to tell whether the LCD is TFD or TFT. However, as TFD LCD is only used in some high-end mobile phones at present, we can find out the specific types of LCD used by these mobile phones by querying the relevant information of these mobile phones.
in this paper, we use the TFD LCD to analyze the specific types of LCDIn contrast.
ufb LCD screen is much simpler. Because ufb is a unique technology of Samsung, ufb LCD screen is generally only used for Samsung mobile phones. It is absolutely impossible if ufb LCD screen is used in some other brands of mobile phonesOLED LCD screen is the simplest one.
because it is a new technology, only a few mobile phones use this kind of screen at present. Basically, no mobile phone's internal screen uses OLED screen.
while in digital Xiangyang, only Kodak LS633 uses OLED screen, but OLED LCD screen is widely used in MP3 player, The biggest feature of OLED is that it has a very wide viewing angle. No matter from which angle you look at the screen, you can clearly see the content on the screen, which is also the biggest difference between OLED LCD and other LCD screens.
this paper introduces the development of OLED LCDIt is very helpful for users to choose digital products, especially color screen mobile phones.
the highlights of the mirrorBut LEDs are better for the eyes.
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