How to distinguish LED screen
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1. How to judge the quality of LED display screen
1. How to judge the quality of LED display screenIn recent years, the demand for LED displays has increased rapidly, and LED display factories of large and small have mushroomed. The competition in the industry has become more and more fierce. However, due to the imperfect industry standards, vicious competition is common. Every company says that they are good at their own business, and it is difficult for customers to distinguish good from bad, and most of them are price oriented.

How to distinguish LED screen

but as the saying goes, buyers are not as good as sellers.
generally speaking, it refers to how buyers shrewdly reduce prices, and how to improve the quality of products However,
as a manufacturer with integrity, it is necessary to tell the buyers the important information in the industry in advance for them to choose from, instead of information asymmetryAfter 30 years of development, full-color LED display screen seems to be a mature industry with broad prospects. However, domestic and foreign manufacturers still have a long way to go, especially for outdoor full-color LED large screen. After two to four years of operation, most of the products are difficult to maintain within the expectations of users.
in this paper, the development of full-color LED display screen is reviewedWhy is that?First of all, there is a big misunderstanding.
most people think that the life of LED and IC, the main materials of the screen, is up to 100000 hours. They operate 365 days / year and 24 hours / day, and the service life is more than 11 years. Therefore, most customers only care about famous led and IC.
in fact, these two are only necessary conditions, not sufficient conditions, because the reasonable use of red, green and blue lamps, It is more important for the display screen, and for the lamps with different colors, it will be more important for a good display screen to make them work in the best state.
the reasonable adjustment of IC will also help to overcome the unreasonable wiring problem of PCB.
in this paper, the design of the IC is introducedThe key factors are as follows:Because led and IC are semiconductor devices.
they are fastidious about the use conditions of the environment, and the best working mechanism is around 25 ℃.
but in fact, an outdoor large screen will be used in different temperature environments.
it may be below - 20 ℃ in winter, In summer, it may be above 60 ℃.
when manufacturers produce products, 25 ℃ is used as the test condition.
different products are classified into different grades, but the actual operation condition is 60 ℃ or - 20 ℃. At this time, the working efficiency and performance of LED and IC are inconsistent, and those that originally belong to one grade may become multi grades, and the brightness will be inconsistent, At 25 ℃, the white balance is normal, but at 60 ℃, the brightness of the three colors of LED decreases, and the attenuation values are inconsistent, so the brightness of the whole screen decreases and the color is biased, The quality of the whole screen will be reduced.
What about IC? The working temperature range of IC is - 40 ℃ - 85 ℃.
the temperature inside the box will rise due to the high temperature of the outside environment.
if the temperature inside the box exceeds 85 ℃, the IC will work unstable due to the high temperature, or the current between channels or the difference between chips will be too large due to the different temperature drift, which will lead to the splash screenThe influence of temperature on LED display is not only that.
suppose that the total area of a 60 square meter LED large screen purchased by the customer is not large, but the internal composition is each unit box. The temperature between each unit box is not necessarily balanced, and the temperature inside the box is also affected by air convection, resulting in different temperatures between or inside the unit box, It leads to the inconsistency of semiconductor device working efficiency,It is shown that the brightness of LED lamps is inconsistent, and the phenomenon of "flower" screen appears.
moreover, the LED display screen still needs to emit light in the summer sun.
(the light emitted must be stronger than the sun light to be effective).
its luminescence will definitely be hot, which are all influencing factors.
in this paper, the design of LED display screen is introducedThere are not only fragile led, IC and other semiconductor devices affected by the cold and hot temperatures.
there are also solid iron boxes, connectors, ABS, masks, and various welding points. Under the multiple impact of sunlight exposure and low-temperature freezing after rain, the masks are partially deformed, and the warpage is up to 2-3mm. In addition, ultraviolet radiation also changes the color of the masks, so that under a variety of climate changes in a year, We can see that the mask plate itself will change color and have spots, and the deformation will block the luminous angle of the light-emitting tube and produce a dark area; Deformation will also affect the PCB bending, resulting in unreliable solder joints and false soldering, which makes the LED turn on and off when it is on.
due to the moisture and oxidation of the air, the oxidation contact surface of the connector is reduced.
coupled with the subtle influence of vibration and deformation, the micron coating of the connector does not form tight contact, resulting in signal or power interruption, and LED display failure.
in this paper, the design of the LED display is introducedAt the same time.
the power supply is also very important, because the output voltage value, working stability and load capacity of the power supply are different under different temperature conditions, and because it is responsible for logistics support, its support capacity directly affects the quality of the screen.
the power supply is also very importantThe box design is also very important for the display screen.
on the one hand, it plays the role of safety, on the other hand, it plays the role of circuit protection, as well as waterproof and dustproof.
but the more important thing is whether the design of the thermal circuit system for ventilation and heat dissipation is good.
with the extension of the start-up time and the increase of the external temperature, the thermal drift of the components will also increase,This results in poor image qualityMechanical fatigue and deformation will also affect the iron box and the outer frame.
it will lead to uneven screen body, module and iron box can not fit tightly, some water leakage and other consequences.
the mechanical fatigue and deformation will also affect the iron box and the outer frameAll of the above factors are interrelated.
will affect the quality and life of the display screen.
therefore, customers should make a comprehensive observation and analysis when selecting the screen.
and make a correct judgment.
when selecting the screenTherefore.
to choose a good LED display, the first line must choose a good light tube, which is durable and has strong adaptability, and the process assessment and other materials must not be ignored.
the processing technology, waterproof and deformation resistance of outdoor screen are the same as those of key accessories.
it's a long way from being missed.
in addition to the consideration of LED In addition to the quality of IC and other major components,
prior communication with the seller is also very important.
it not only directly affects the quality, success or failure of the whole project.
it also allows users to allocate resources more reasonably and avoid unnecessary waste, loss and hidden danger, Even increase considerable revenue.
manufacturers should also take the initiative to provide users with simulation solutions or better suggestions on the actual needs and operability.
to help customers make reasonable analysis and planning, and make the most cost-effective solutions, in order to become a reliable partner for users.
in this paper, the author analyzes the current situation and puts forward some suggestions on how to improve the quality of productsHow to judge the quality of LED display? How can customers buy a good LED display?1. Understand the strength and integrity of the manufacturer.
the content and quality of service are the foundation and guarantee for good and long-term cooperation of the project;2. Provide or require the manufacturer to analyze the installation and application environment of the project, predict the occurrence events and propose preventive and solving measures, so as to make a comprehensive evaluation of the whole project plan;3. Clarify your own needs, input budget and expected best results;4. Different LED production process, screen assembly process and installation technology experience,It will directly affect the construction period, cost, safety performance, display effect and quality, service life and maintenance cost of the whole project. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and compare the performance characteristics of products and projects from manufacturers or various aspects in advance, and select the most suitable scheme for their own needs;5. Show the demand for the project and the future development plan in detail, and require the seller to provide the best implementation plan, even the expandable function, expansion budget and plan of the project, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of resources due to the project not suitable for the future development needs.
the project is not suitable for the future development needs2. Product classificationLED display production process (1) led lamp: according to the color of the lamp is divided into red, green, blue three primary colors;(2) unit board and module:According to the pixel spacing, it can be divided into PH10, PH16, PH20, ph40 and other series.
the minimum point spacing is 5mm, the maximum is 50mm;According to the brightness and waterproof grade of the lamp, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor single and double color, indoor and outdoor full-color series;It can be divided into patch and plug-in according to different module technology;(3) box size:Size division - 1280 * 1280, 1280 * 960, 1024 * 1024, 1024 * 768, 768 * 768, etc;Box shape Division: plane box, arc box, hoisting box;Box style division: waterproof box, sealed box, simple box;(4) engineering installation:Appearance proportion division - 4:3, 16:9, 2:1, special-shaped screen, strip screen, etc;Installation methods: hoisting, hanging, seat, inlaying and rotating bracket hanging;(5) application: the product is widely used in railway, civil aviation, stadium, conference hall, expressway, square, large shopping mall, bank, securities market and various traffic, water conservancy, electricity monitoring and dispatching.
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