LED display production course
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http://fanzhiwei21.blog.163.com/blog/static/50858564201012444220161/I have it in my blog. You can have a look. The picture above is troublesomeThis article is suitable for electricians and technicians, including college graduates majoring in electronics.
because this course involves strong current.
please pay attention to safety.

LED display production course

contents1. Overview of LED bar screen2. Bar screen application:     2.1. Advertising application: new media.
new effect, new business     2.2. System integration -- secondary development3. Significance of assembly     3.1. Screen composition     3.1.1. Unit board     3.1.2. Power supply     3.1.3. Control card     3.1.4. About 16pin 08 interface     3.1.5. Connection     3.2. Accessories production     3.2.1. Production of cable (data line)     3.2.2. Production of power cord     3.2.3. RS232 cable production     3.3. Wiring guidelines4. Software instructions - led-update     4.1. Simple steps     4.2. Detailed description of led-update     4.2.1. Setting screen parameters     4.2.2. Save the batch information to the screen,Auto cycle display     4.2.3. Delete information     4.2.4. Sending independent information     4.2.5. Save and open the list     4.3. Software description and image replacement5. Frame making     5.1. Fabrication of support     5.2. Simple frame production process     5.3. Production process of stainless steel frame     5.4. Aluminum alloy frame6. Troubleshooting     6.1. No display     6.2. Display confusion     6.3. Unable to update screen data7. Tools and accessoriesHand in hand to teach you how to assemble LED bar screen1. Overview of LED bar screenLED screen, as a new media, is more likely to attract people's attention with large amount of information, which can be updated at any time. It has a very good advertising and notice effect.
LED screen is simpler than neon light.
it is easy to install and use, and the effect changes more. It can update the content with time, It is a good visual media for indoor and outdoor hair.
LED screen is a high-tech electronic product.
the price is relatively high, and it used to be used in the government and units.
the technology is constantly improving.
the price is constantly decreasing, and the assembly and maintenance are easier.
small LED screen is widely accepted by the public because of its cheap price, simple installation and use, and gradually enters large and small stores, Gradually began to popularize2. Bar screen application:2.1. Advertising Application - new media.
1New effect, new businessAs a new media and a new decorative material, LED strip screen can be embedded in many interior decorations to make the decoration more dynamic. The constantly updated subtitles can be used as a new notice board, Promotional offers and promotional information, etc.
greatly improve the grade of interior decoration.
has a good visual effect.
because the installation and use of LED bar screen has a certain technical content.
restricts the development of the advertising industry.
mastering LED technology can improve the technical content of interior decoration and expand business.
this paper introduces the development of LED bar screen in advertising industry2.2. System integration -- secondary developmentLED bar screen.
because of its simple control, it is embedded into all kinds of devices for the public.
it has large font.
it is dynamic and informative. It is suitable for long-distance viewing, timely broadcasting the latest news to the public and attracting the public's attention.
it is widely used in queuing system.
station reporting system, water dispenser, etc.
the LED bar screen control card has simple and stable functions and can be easily embedded in the system, It saves developers the tedious work of developing LED display, and focuses more on the function and innovation of the system.
the LED strip screen control card development kit provides a detailed development example, which provides a good environment for your system integration and secondary development.
it provides a good environment for the development of LED display card_ 3. Significance of assemblyThe LED industry chain has been very perfect.
all the accessories can be easily bought online. The technical parameters of LED are becoming more and more unified. The industry standard has been basically formed. All the spare parts have been modularized.
it lays the foundation for self assembling LED screen.
LED strip screen.
due to the low material cost and high retail price,When purchasing from LED screen suppliers in batches, the cost and price are not easy to control.
end users are not familiar with LED screens.
they need the installation and maintenance services provided by the suppliers, so they can get the maximum profit by assembling LED screens and selling them locally.
in order to improve the quality of LED screens, we need to improve the quality of LED screensFor example: assemble a 128x16 single red indoor LED screen.
update the content of the screen by connecting the PC serial port3.1. Screen compositionLet's first understand the composition of LED strip screen, unit board, power supply, control card and wiringBack of unit boardFront of unit board_Switching power supply and LED strip screen control card(picture of each accessory) 3.1.1. Unit boardUnit board is one of the core components of LED display, and its quality directly affects the display effect.
unit board is composed of LED module.
driver chip and PCB circuit board.
LED module.
in fact, it is composed of many LED light-emitting points, which are encapsulated in resin or plasticThe driver chips are mainly 74HC595, 74hc245 / 244, 74HC138 and 4953.
the driver chips are mainly 74HC595, 74hc245 / 244, 74HC138 and 4953The commonly used unit board specifications of indoor strip screen are as follows:Parameters: D=3.75; The distance between dots is 4.75mm, 64 dots wide x 16 dots high.
1 / 16 scan indoor brightness.
single red / red green dual colorParameter explanation:Luminous diameter: refers to the diameter of the luminous point, d=3.75mmThe distance of the light spot is 4.75mm, which is selected according to the distance of the viewer.
indoor 4.75mm is generally selectedUnit board size: 64x16 --- the most commonly used unit board,It's the easiest to buy and the cheapest.
it's the best way to buy1 / 16 scan: the control mode of the unit board.
1 / 16 scan: the control mode of the unit boardIndoor brightness: refers to the brightness of LED light points.
indoor brightness is suitable for the environment that needs to be illuminated by fluorescent lamps in the daytime.
indoor brightness: refers to the brightness of LED light pointsColor: single red.
is the most commonly used color, and the price is the cheapest.
two colors generally refer to red and green.
the price is high.
Color: single redIf you want to make a 128x16 point screen.
you only need to connect two unit boards in series.
you can make a 128x16 point screen_ 3.1.2. Power supplyGenerally, switching power supply is used.
220 V input, 5 V DC output.
it should be pointed out.
because LED display screen belongs to precision electronic equipment, switching power supply should be used instead of transformer.
for a single red indoor 64x16 unit board, the current is 2A.
when it is fully onReasoning out.
when the 128x16 dual color screen is full bright, the current is 8A.
5v10a switching power supply should be selected.
when the 128x16 dual color screen is full bright, the current is 8A3.1.3. Control cardWe recommend the use of low-cost strip screen control card.
it can control 1 / 16 scan 256x16 two-color screen, and can assemble the most cost-effective LED screen.
the control card belongs to asynchronous card.
that is to say, the card can save information without power-off, and can display the information stored in it without connecting to PC.
this paper introduces the design of the control cardFor details, please refer to the user manual of the control card.
the user manual of the control card can be used for reference http://www.smsled.com/When purchasing unit boards.
when purchasing unit boardsPlease ask for the parameters. The 100% compatible boards are as follows:08 interface 4.75mm point distance 64 points wide x 16 points high, 1 / 16 sweep indoor brightness.
single red / red green dual color08 interface 7.62mm point distance 64 point width x 16 point height.
1 / 16 scan indoor brightness.
single red / red green dual color08 interface 7.62mm point distance 64 point width x 16 point height.
1 / 16 half outdoor brightness.
single red / red green dual color_ The control card adopts 16pin 08 interfaceThere are many manufacturers of the unit board and control card.
so there are many interface styles of the unit board. When assembling the LED screen, we must first determine the consistency of the interface to facilitate the assembly.
here we only introduce the most commonly used LED interface: LED industry number: 16pin 08 interface: his interface sequence is as follows:2abcdg1g2stbclk161nnnenr1r2nn15 interpretation:ABCD is the row selection signal.
STB (LT) is the latch signal, CLK (CK) is the clock signal, R1, R2, G1, G2 are the display data, en is the display enable, n is the ground (GND).
confirm that the interfaces of the unit board and the control card are consistent.
you can connect them directly.
if they are not consistent.
you need to make your own conversion line (the sequence of the first line)3.1.5. ConnectionIt is divided into data line, transmission line and power line.
the data line is used to connect the control card and the LED unit boardThe power cord is used to connect the power supply and the control card, the power supply and the LED unit board.
the copper core diameter of the power cord connecting the unit board is not less than 1 mm3.2. Accessories production3.2.1. Production of cable (data line)The cable is similar to the data cable in the computer case.
only the width of the cable is a little different.
you can buy relevant materials in the computer city.
to make the cable.
you need a tool, that is, special pliers (pictures), which can greatly improve the work efficiency and yield.
the materials for making the cable are: cable head.
cable head, If you want to make a 16pin (16 wire) cable, you need to buy a 16pin cable and a corresponding size cable head and cap.
production steps.
use scissors to cut the end of the cable, and then put the end of the cable (pay attention to the balance between the line and the head), and then put it into the center of the crimper, press it hard, and then wind the cable, It is very important to install the cable cap.
the cable cap can effectively protect the cable, make the cable more solid, and do not save.
it is necessary to install the cable cap_ (pincers, accessories for photo wiring) 3.2.2. Production of power cordThe power supply is divided into 220 V power line and 5 V power line.
the 220 V power line is used to connect the switching power supply to the commercial power supply.
it is better to use the 3-pin plug, which can be bought in the hardware store.
here we focus on the power line of 5 V DC.
because the current of 5 V is relatively large, It is better to use red and black wires with copper core diameter more than 1 mm (red and black must be used).
if possible.
it is better to install metal parts on both ends of the wires_(as shown in the figure) 3.2.3. RS232 cable productionRS232 cable,It is used to connect the computer and the control card, and update the screen data.
here, you need to use the DB9 head and the network cable (which can be bought in the computer city).
carefully observe the DB9 head.
if there are numbers on it, connect 5 to brown, and connect 3 to brown white.
clamp the network cable.
install it in the DB9 head.
(here is very important.
be sure to clamp it, and pull it yourself a few times, Then use a multimeter to measure whether the two ends are connected.
it needs to be pointed out here.
the DB9 head is divided into male head and female head.
the back of the computer belongs to the female seat.
so you need to buy a male plug corresponding.
if you don't understand, please carefully observe your PC.
now the notebook generally does not have a serial port.
please buy a USB to RS232 serial port cable_(accessories picture of DB9) 3.3. Wiring GuideFor the first time installation, please strictly follow the steps to reduce the errorStep 1: check the power supply voltage.
find out the DC positive and negative connection switch power supply, connect the 220 V power line to the switch power supply (connect to AC or NL terminal after confirming the connection is correct), and then plug in the power supply.
you will find that a light of the power supply will be on.
then use a multimeter to measure the voltage between V + and V -, to ensure that the voltage is between 4.8 V and 5.1 V, and there is a knob beside it, You can adjust the voltage with a cross screwdriver.
in order to reduce the screen heating and prolong the service life.
when the brightness requirement is not high, you can adjust the voltage to 4.5v-4.8.
after confirming that the voltage is OK.
disconnect the power supply and continue to assemble other parts.
when the brightness requirement is not high, you can adjust the voltage to 4.5v-4.8Step 2: turn off the power first.
connect the V + to the red line.
connect the V - to the control card and the LED unit board respectively, and the black line is connected to the GND of the control card and the power supply.
the red line is connected to the + 5V of the control card and the VCC of the unit board.
each unit board has one power line.
after completion.
please check whether the connection is correctPower connection diagram step 3: connect the control board and the unit board.
use the prepared cable to connect.
pay attention to the direction.
it cannot be connected reversely.
Please note.
the unit board has two 16pin interfaces, one is input, one is output, and the one close to 74hc245 / 244 is input. Connect the control card to the input.
the output is connected to the input of the next unit board.
the control card is connected to the input_ Step 4: connect the RS232 data cable.
connect one end of the prepared data cable to the DB9 serial port of the computer, the other end to the control card, connect the 5-pin (brown) of DB9 to the GND of the control card, and connect the 3-pin (brown white) of DB9 to the rs232-rx of the control card.
if your PC does not have a serial port.
you can buy a USB to RS232 serial port conversion cable in the computer city.
if your PC does not have a serial portStep 5: check the connection again.
the black line connects - V and GND.
the red line connects + V and VCC + 5VStep 6: turn on the 220 v.
under normal conditions, the power light is on, the control card is on, and the screen is displayed.
if it is not normal.
please check the wiring.
or check the troubleshooting.
if it is not normal.
please check the wiringStep 7: open the downloaded softwareSet the screen parameters and send the subtitles.
refer to the software instructions for details.
Click here for detailsIf two unit boards appear on the screen to display the same content.
please set the screen size to 8 Chinese characters by using the software.
please set the screen size to 8 Chinese characters4. Software instructions - led-updateTo http://www.smsled.com/ downloadFigure 2-14.1. Simple steps:1 select the PC serial port connected to the control card2 click "send directly to screen". "
the status bar displays" send OK "3 screen immediately displays "enter display information here"4.2. Detailed description of led-update:4.2.1. Setting screen parametersClick set screen parametersFigure 2-21 enter the password in [reset number password]. The default password is 1234562 check 3 select [screen size], [new screen number]4. After confirming that there is no error, click send settings4.2.2. Save the batch information to the screen and display automatically1 in the information box [input display information here], input the content to be displayed, select [effect], and [repeat times], and then press , to save the information to the list.
12 repeat the first step.
23 Click Save list to screen.
save the information in the list to the screen, so that the information will not be lost even if the power is off4.2.3. Delete information1. To delete all the information on the screen, select Delete all,Click delete information2 if you want to delete the information of a certain location, in [delete all], select the location you want to delete, and click delete information> 24.2.4. Send independent information.
the1 in the information box.
enter the content you want to display.
12. Select [don't save].
and [don't save] will be displayed temporarily, and the power failure will disappear Add] save to the screen, will not cover the existing information; [ Select [record No.] to save the information to the specified location. If there is information in the location, it will be covered.
select [record No.] to save the information to the specified location4.2.5. Save and open the listClick Save list.
to save the list as a file.
Click Save listClick open list.
to open the existing list file.
click open list4.3. Software description and image replacementIf you want to replace the image of the software with your favorite image.
please replace the image files head.bmp and updata.bmp under the program directory with the images you need.
you can use Notepad to open oem.dll and modify the contents.
write your contact information in it.
the following is a list of the pictures you want to use5. Frame makingFrame classification: bracket.
simple frame, stainless steel frame5.1. Fabrication of supportAccording to different applications, the requirements of the outer frame are different. First, when we talk about the embedded installation, we don't need the outer frame, but we need a mounting bracket.
generally, the mounting bracket is made of aluminum profile.
it's light and easy to cut.
we can also use the universal angle iron (that is, the rectangular iron bar with many holes).
the installation bracket is made of aluminum profileWe can see that there are copper columns for installation on the back of the unit board.
it is used to fix the unit board on the bracket. The bracket should be a little longer, and the installation hole of the light box should be reserved.
fix the unit board.
the control card and power supply are fixed on the bracket. The data line and the 220 V power line should be tied on the bracket, and they should be tied, tied, and not pulled, The simplest screen is assembled.
it can be installed on other devices.
such as light box. we will find that the brightness is different, or there may be water spray in the application situation. At this time, we need to paste a plexiglass on the screen surface, and the plexiglass is generally tan, Or dark red.
plexiglass can be bought in advertising and decoration materials stores.
it's bought by weight.
we use thinner ones.
too thin may be easy to bend.
here we need to remind.
as the cutting of plexiglass requires skill, it's better to prepare the size when you buy it and let the store cut it for you.
for general occasions.
you need a box, We can use aluminum alloy profiles (such as hollow aluminum bars with square cross-section), and we can buy them in aluminum alloy profile stores.
if the aluminum alloy frame is used.
if the screen is small, the unit board can be directly fixed on the outer frame, and if the strength is enough, there is no need for bracket.
for the specific outer frame manufacturing process.
please refer to the production of light box.
for details5.3. Production process of stainless steel frameWe can see that many LED screen frames are made of stainless steelOnly a thin layer of stainless steel skin is wrapped on the basis of the simple frame.
it looks beautiful.
it is generous and increases added value.
as for the process of wrapping the frame, we need to use a folding machine.
we can go to the hardware factory where kitchenware is made for processing.
it's better to go to a professional LED frame manufacturing shop.
the biggest difference is that the seam of the wrapping is very small.
the most important thing is that the edge is very small5.4. Aluminum alloy frameWe can go to the material store of aluminum alloy profiles to buy materials that meet the screen thickness.
and then cut and assemble them6. Troubleshooting6.1. No displayCheck the power connection, confirm whether the power light and the light on the control card are on, and measure whether the voltage of the power control card and the unit board is normal.
if the power supply is normal.
please check the connection between the control card and the unit board.
use the method of replacing accessories.
eliminate errors.
check the connection between the control card and the unit board6.2. Display confusionCase 1.
the two boards display the same content.
-- please use the software.
to reset the screen size.
in case 2, the two boards display the same contentSituation 2.
very dark.
-- please use the software.
to set the OE level.
Situation 3.
interlaced light.
the data line is not in good contact.
please re connect.
the data line is not in good contactCase 4.
some Chinese characters are displayed abnormally.
-- they belong to normal.
Chinese characters and symbols that are not in the national standard font database.
the display of Chinese characters is abnormalCase 5.
some areas of the screen are not displayed.
replace the unit board.
replace the unit board6.3. Unable to update screen data1.
Use the broadcast address to send the message.
see if the screen number is wrong.
use the broadcast address to send the message2.
check whether the serial port number is correct and whether the serial port is occupied.
check whether the connection is correct and disconnected.
check the connection7. Tools and accessoriesEssential tools:Digital multimeter.
40W soldering iron, solder wire (the most expensive, don't be greedy for cheap), rosin, screwdrivers, wire cutters, scissors,List of common accessories:Control card, unit board, power supply, power cord, power plug, 5V power cord, cable, cable head, network cable, serial port head
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