What is the application range of LED screen?
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What is the scope of ED display?
What is the scope of ED display?LED display screen is generally used to display text, image, video, video signal and other information. It can not only set the functions of information release, entertainment and publicity, but also as a new high-tech commodity, with its rich scientific and technological content, surging appearance momentum, smooth display screen and delicate color embodiment, it can add a new vitality to the environment Setting up a scenic line of activities has now become the first choice of enterprise publicity.
this paper analyzes the current situation of enterprise publicity1.

What is the application range of LED screen?

business promotion and information display in service fields such as telecommunications, shopping malls and shopping malls.
e-mail2. Information display of dispatching command center.
power dispatching.
vehicle dynamic tracking.
vehicle height adjustment management, etc., are also gradually using high-density LED display.
in this paper, the development trend of high-density LED display is introduced3. Securities trading.
financial information shows that led displays in this field account for more than 50% of the domestic demand in the past few years, and there is still a large demand at present.
there is a large demand for LED displays in this field4. New products of advertising media.
outdoor LED display screen as advertising media.
cluster LED display screen advertising system, train LED display screen advertising publishing system, etc. have also been adopted and are being promoted.
outdoor LED display screen as advertising media5. Airport flight dynamic information display.
the requirements of civil aviation airport construction for residence display are very clear.
LED display is the preferred product of flight residence display system FIDS6. Passenger guidance information display in port station.
information system and broadcasting system with LED display as the main body.
train arrival and departure revealing system, ticketing information system, etc. together constitute the automation system of passenger transport hub.
the system is composed of LED display, information system and broadcasting system7. As the main means of information display and live broadcast, LED display has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT displayIn modern stadiums and stadiums, it has become a necessary competition facility8.
with the development of its, LED display is widely used as a variable information board in the fields of urban efficiency and expressway9. Performances and gatherings.
large LED displays are more and more widely used for public and political live broadcasting.
for example, in the 50th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the new millennium celebrations and other major festivals around the world.
large LED displays play an outstanding role in broadcasting live and advertising information. LED display large screen is one of the important services provided by exhibition organizers.
it provides paid services to exhibitors.
at first, led was used as the indicator light source of instruments and meters.
later, led with various light colors was widely used in traffic lights and large area displays, It has produced good economic and social benefits.
take the 12 inch red traffic light as an example.
in the United States, a long-life, low luminous efficiency 140 watt incandescent lamp was originally used as the light source, which produces 2000 lumens of white light.
after passing through the red filter.
the light loss is 90%, leaving only 200 lumens of red light.
among the newly designed lights.
Lumileds company uses 18 red LED light sources, Including the circuit loss, the total power consumption is 14 watts, which can produce the same light efficiencyAutomobile signal lamp is also an important field of LED light source application.
in 1987, China began to install high mounted stop lamp on automobiles,It can let the driver of the following vehicle know the driving condition as soon as possible, and reduce the occurrence of rear end collision accidents.
the results show that the driver of the following vehicle can know the driving condition as soon as possibleIn addition,
LED lights are widely used in outdoor red, green and blue full-color displays, keychain mini torches and other fields.
LED lights are widely used in outdoor red, green and blue full-color displaysWhite LEDFor general lighting.
people need white light source more.
in 1998, white LED was successfully developed.
this kind of LED is made of Gan chip and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG)Gan chips emit blue light( λ The blue LED substrate is mounted in a bowl shaped reflecting cavity.
it is covered with a thin layer of resin mixed with YAG, about 200-500nm.
part of the blue light emitted by the LED substrate is absorbed by the phosphor.
another part of the blue light is mixed with the yellow light emitted by the phosphor, White light can be obtained.
for InGaN / YAG white LEDs, by changing the chemical composition of YAG phosphor and adjusting the thickness of phosphor layer, white light with color temperature of 3500-10000k can be obtained.
in this paper, the structure of InGaN / YAG white LEDs is introduced
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