How to install LED screen
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LED display installation: outdoor LED display installation, indoor LED display installation.
LED display installation includes outdoor LED display installation and indoor LED display installationInstallation steps of indoor LED display screen:1. Hoisting and installation of ordinary hanging support2. Mounting 3. Seat mountingInstallation mode of outdoor LED display screen:The area of outdoor LED display screen is large.
the design of its steel structure should consider many factors, such as foundation, wind load, earthquake magnitude, waterproof, dustproof, environmental temperature, lightning protection, etc.

How to install LED screen

the steel structure should be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as power distribution cabinet, air conditioner, axial fan, lighting, etc.
there should also be maintenance facilities such as raceway, ladder, etc.
the whole outdoor screen structure should meet the protection level below IP65.
the design of outdoor LED display screen should be based on the design of steel structure2.1 mountingOrdinary mounting: it is suitable for single box display screen with total weight less than 50kg.
it can be directly mounted on the load-bearing wall without reserving maintenance space. The display box adopts front maintenance design, and the display can be lifted from the bottom during maintenance. The schematic diagram is as follows:Rack mounting: it is suitable for general outdoor display screen. Considering the difficulty of display screen maintenance, steel structure support is adopted between screen body and wall, 800mm maintenance space is reserved, and maintenance facilities such as raceway and ladder are equipped in the space, and auxiliary equipment such as power distribution cabinet, air conditioner, axial fan and lighting are installed. The schematic diagram is as follows:2.2 column mountingThe column installation is suitable for the installation of LED display screen on the open space, and the outdoor screen is installed on the column.
the column is divided into single column and double column.
in addition to the steel structure of the screen body, the concrete or steel column should also be made, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation, and the schematic diagram is as follows:2.3. InlayThe embedded structure is suitable for the display screen project that has been included in the building planning and design, and the installation space of the display screen is reserved in advance during the civil engineering project construction,In actual installation, only steel structure of the display screen is needed, and the display screen is embedded in the building wall, with enough maintenance space left on the back2.4. Seat mountingThe pedestal structure is to build a wall with concrete structure on the ground to support the whole LED display screen, and build a steel structure on the wall to install the display screen. The steel structure reserves 800mm maintenance space to place relevant equipment and maintenance facilities.
now most manufacturers who install LED display screen do not pay attention to the details.
as a result, when the LED display screen is in use, There are many problems.
the technicians of Shenzhen lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction of the installation details:LED display installation step 1: frame splicingAssembling the outer frame of LED display screen.
that is to say, splicing the cut profiles together. There are mainly square and round profiles in the market, but the assembling method is the same.
in the market, the general profiles can be divided into square and round profilesLED display installation step 2: fix the unit board1. Place the unit board in the frame (pay attention to the front and back sides of the frame).
the grooved side is the front side). At this time, the installation position of the back strip must be quite accurate, otherwise, it needs to be re installed from the beginning.
22. After the back bar is fixed.
the frame can be moved away and the magnet can be installed.
after the back bar is fixed, the magnet can be installed3. After the magnet is installed.
close the frame, let the magnet and the back bar absorb, and the fixation of the unit board is completed.
after the magnet is installedLED display installation step 3: connect the cable and the upper and lower power linesLED display installation step 4: Fixed power and control cardThe power supply is connected to the unit board.
it is necessary to pay attention to the positive and negative poles, and it is recommended to use svv2 * 1.0 soft core wire, that is, 1 square double strand soft core wire.
the power supply is connected to the unit boardLED display installation step 5: control card and unit board cable connection (especially important)Please check carefully before connecting.
the screen is not fixed on the wall, which is the most critical step. You can check whether the screen is installed correctly through the test button.
the screen is not fixed on the wall
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