Want to know how to classify LED display?
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Classification of LED displays:
Classification of LED displays:1. According to the use environment, it can be divided into indoor screen, semi outdoor screen and outdoor screen.
2Indoor screen: used in non direct sunlight or lighting environment.

Want to know how to classify LED display?

the screen body does not have the ability of sealing and waterproof.
indoor single and double color mainly uses LED lattice unit board.
indoor full-color can be used to make LED large screen display system by using three in one meter paste, separate meter paste, plug-in (stage screen) and other methods.
indoor full-color can be used to make LED large screen display systemSemi outdoor screen: it has high luminous brightness.
it can be used in non direct sunlight environment.
the screen body is sealed to a certain extent.
it is generally used under the eaves or in the window.
it is generally used with plug-in LED screen.
it can be used in the environment of non direct sunlightOutdoor screen: the point density is relatively thin (generally 1000-4000 points / square).
the actual should be 1000-10000 points / square), and the luminous brightness is 3000-6000 MCD / square.
it can be used in direct sunlight.
it has good wind, rain and lightning protection ability.
the outdoor LED screen is mainly plug-in.
the main waterproof methods are: waterproof box + glue pouring module + waterproof ring.
the outdoor LED screen is mainly waterproof2. According to the luminous color, it can be divided into single color, two-color and full-color screens (the same as (1) 1. The color of the inner display screen)Monochrome screen: it refers to the material whose display screen has only one luminous color.
most of them are monochromatic red.
the color of the display screen is monochromatic redTwo color screen: it is generally composed of red and yellow green light-emitting materials.
there are also red and pure green light-emitting materials, the latter is about 20 yuan more expensive than the formerThree color screen: full color screen and true color screen: full color screen: composed of red, yellow green (wavelength 570nm) and blue (if there are many green tubes in a pixel.
more than green tubes and blue tubes,It must be the yellow and green pipes, because there are not enough yellow and green pipes, so we have to use more than one; The true color screen consists of red, pure green (wavelength 525nm) and blue3. It can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous according to the control or use modeSynchronization mode: it means that the working mode of LED display screen is basically the same as that of computer monitor.
it maps the image on the monitor to computer image with an update rate of at least 30 fields per second.
it usually has the ability of multi gray color display.
it can achieve the effect of multimedia advertising.
it has the ability of multi gray color displayAsynchronous mode: refers to the ability of LED display screen to store and play automatically.
words and pictures without gray level requirements compiled on the computer are transmitted to the LED display screen through serial port or other network interfaces, and then automatically played off-line by the LED display screen.
it is mainly used to display text information.
in general, it can be connected to multiple screens.
it can be connected to the Internet4. According to pixel density or pixel diameter:The indoor dot matrix screen is generally divided into three parts according to the pixel diameter of the module φ 3.0 mm (6000 pixels / square) φ 3.75mm (4400 pixels / square) φ 5.0 mm (1700 pixels / m2);At present, there is no unified standard for pixel diameter and pixel spacing of outdoor screen.
generally, according to the number of pixels per square meter, there are 1024 points, 1600 points, 2000 points, 2500 points and 4096 points5. According to the display performance, it can be divided into:Video display: generally full color displayGraphic display screen: generally two color display screenText display: generally monochrome displayMarket display: generally digital tube or monochrome display6. According to the packaging form of LED lamp when making LED screen:A. surface mounted LED screen: it is mainly to package LED chip into LED lamp, then make unit board, assemble unit board into box, and splice box into electronic screenThe unit board can't be drenched.
in addition, the front of the surface mounted LED lamp is flat, with poor concentration and low brightness, so the surface mounted LED screen can only be used in indoor environment.
the surface mounted LED screen can be divided into three in one and separate surface mounted LED screens.
the main difference is that the surface mounted three in one is to package three LED chips in one LED lamp, There is only one chip in each LED lamp.
in the separated LED screen, there is only one chip in each LED lampB. direct plug-in LED screen: the shape of the light-emitting device of the direct plug-in LED screen is round or oval.
due to its good concentration and good brightness, it is suitable for outdoor environment.
the light-emitting device of the direct plug-in LED screen is suitable for outdoor environmentC. dot matrix LED screen: this method does not use LED lights.
the LED chip is directly made into 8 * 8 LED dot matrix module, then the dot matrix is made into a unit board, and finally the unit board is spliced into a display screen. Due to the large angle and low brightness of the dot matrix LED screen, it is also used in indoor environment.
this method is simple, convenient, and can be used in indoor environment7. According to the appearance classification of LED screen:According to the different requirements of the product, such as the use environment, advertising effect, production cost and installation mode, various LED screens with different appearance are formed1. Led painting screen: the painting effect is in the daytime, and the LED billboard displays different effects in the evening. Due to the large spacing, low cost and good advertising effect, it has incomparable advantages compared with the traditional billboard, so it is very popular in the market.
12. Grid LED screen: it is mainly used in stage performance and other occasions.
there are many kinds of production methods, such as light screen, simple production and modular design, which are very conducive to the installation, splicing, disassembly and movement of LED screen, and it is the only choice for the background screen of LED stage at present.
in this paper, the design of grid LED screen is introduced3. Arc LED screen: due to the special requirements of installation location, environment and required display effectIf the display screen needs to be made into an arc, in the case of small arc in the outdoor environment, the box should be made into an arc, and the module should use the ordinary LED module. If the arc is too large, special unit boards and modules should be considered to make LED signboards.
the design of LED signboard should be based on the design of LED module4. LED bar screen: also known as bar LED screen.
at present, it is the most widely used display screen in the market, mainly for simple LED signboard, displaying monochrome or two-color font, and full-color can also be made into bar screen, but it is rare in the market.
generally, it is classified by distance and color.
the first is color.
it is divided into monochrome, two-color, and color.
distance P3, P3.7, P4, P6, p7.8, P10 P12, p16, P20, etc.
, and then divided into outdoor, semi outdoor and indoor
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