How to set LED display screen
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Original publisher: Su_ ren88]Description of IP setting of Tianhai LED display control card Shenzhen Tianhai New Technology Co., Ltd. switchboard: 0755-335121503351215186023635 Fax: 808 address: 7th floor, No. 12, Haibin New Village Industrial Zone, Baoshu Baoyuan Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen postcode: 518126 website: Chapter 1 LED display settings 1. Computer IP settings LED power on display is normal, After connecting the network cable, you can set the IP.

How to set LED display screen

first of all, you must make the IP of the computer and the IP of the LED display screen the same network segment to find the display screen.
for example, if the initial IP of the LED display screen is, the IP of the computer is, It must be
(the first three paragraphs must be the same.
in order to access successfully.
(Note: if the test is not successful for many times, maybe the switch is affected, maybe the LAN has the same device IP address repeated conflict, and so on, you can use a network cable (the same standard network cable connection method) to directly connect the LED screen network port from the computer network port for testing, This can avoid interference and ensure the normal communication environment. After the communication test is successful, find the network reason.
(Note: LED display screen of virgin factory.
the factory configuration IP address is, so please use the same network segment to modify.
) 2. Run ledtool.exe software with IP tool software.
select the corresponding control card of LED display screen.
search card function.
search card functionOr run to run the setting function, select the corresponding language version, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese.
select the run function to set IP.
select the corresponding control card model.
(Note: Factory LED display control card model: 3200 model) 3. Select the communication mode according to the actual situation.
select the communication mode, using 232 communication mode by default, It can be changed to.
you can now play it in the background.
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