What is the meaning of LED screen?
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LED (light emitting diode), known as "the technology of illuminating the future", is gradually approaching our daily life, and will promote a revolutionary change in the field of display. The development speed of LED display technology has exceeded the prediction of experts. As an emerging industry, LED display is expected to reach an output value of 3 billion US dollars within 10 years. LCD and CRT will also be the same, out of the mainstream stage!
LED (light emitting diode), known as the "technology to illuminate the future", is gradually approaching our daily life, and will promote a revolutionary change in the field of display.
the development speed of LED display technology has exceeded the prediction of experts.
as an emerging industry, in the next 10 years, the development speed of LED display technology has exceeded the prediction of experts, The output value of LED display is expected to reach 3 billion US dollars.

What is the meaning of LED screen?

LCD display will be the same as CRT display.
quit the mainstream stage!LED gives birth to a new generation of displayAt present, there is an urgent demand for energy-saving, lightweight, miniaturization and high reliability products in the world, and LEDs fully meet these conditions.
LEDs are all solid-state cold light sources.
they are smaller, lighter and more robust, with a working voltage of only two volts and a service life of more than ten years.
according to the general definition of luminous efficiency.
the luminous efficiency of LEDs is not high, However, due to the fact that almost all of the spectrum of LED is concentrated in the visible light band, the efficiency can reach 80-90%It has been more than 20 years since the advent of LED display devices.
due to the limitation of raw materials and technology, it is difficult to popularize in the first 10 years.
after entering the 1990s.
with the continuous improvement of technology and the development of raw materials, LED display devices have made great progress in life and brightness index, and the cost has also been greatly reduced.
in recent years, LED display devices have been widely usedIn terms of performance,
LED has developed rapidly.
in 2001,
the brightness of red LED was 1000mcd, 500-3300 times higher than that of 3mcd in 1982, and the conversion efficiency reached 20%.
the emergence of high brightness LED is of epoch-making significance.
it will be one of the greatest inventions after Edison invented the incandescent bulb.
the development of high brightness LED is of great significanceThe earliest developed LED can only emit red light.
with the advent of yellow, green and blue LED, LED can emit red, yellow, blue, green, orange, amber, blue and green, red and green, yellow and green, pure green, emerald green and white light beams.
in this paper, the development of LED is introducedIn 1998, the price of an LED bulb was 1 / 30-1 / 50 of 1982, which greatly reduced the burden of usersThe technological progress of LED is the biggest driving force to expand the market demand and application.
at the beginning.
LED was only used as a micro indicator light in high-end equipment such as computers, audio and video recorders. With the continuous progress of large-scale integrated circuits and computer technology, LED display is rising rapidly. In recent years, it has gradually expanded to stock market, stock machine, digital camera, video recorder, etc PDA and mobile phone field.
this paper introduces the development trend of PDA and mobile phone fieldLED display integrates microelectronic technology, computer technology and information processing.
with the advantages of bright color, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long service life, stable and reliable operation, it has become the most advantageous new generation of display media. At present, LED display has been widely used in large squares, commercial advertisements, stadiums, information dissemination, news release, securities trading, etc, It can meet the needs of different environments.
theFrom the perspective of commercial application and consumer demand.
backlit LED is a revolutionary innovation in the field of display technology. It will take three to five years for the transition from flat panel display to plastic display. However, we will soon see a crimpable display, which can be made into a display woven into clothes.
the development trend of backlit led in the field of display technology has been discussedLED technology is becoming more and more perfect.
DuPont has a large production plant in Hsinchu, Taiwan,The factory is already producing LED displays and is expected to produce roll by roll plastic displays in milesSony has produced a prototype of a 10 inch LED display.
it will start large-scale shipment in 2009, which may lead to the emergence of a new generation of ultra-thin notebook computers.
Sony has made a prototype of a 10 inch LED displaySeveral kinds of displays have high test ratiohttp://www.ledshow.net/gyxsp/images/tj04.gifThe color of backlit LED flat panel display has more depth.
the color elements can be adjusted by controlling the white dots, which is a function that traditional display does not have. It does not need to reduce the gray quality, and it only needs to adjust the color temperature to meet the needs of users or adapt to different software applications, LED display is more attractive.
the color gamut of backlit LED display panel is 95% of that of PAL TV display.
it is a significant improvement over that of PAL computer display.
LED has no mercury.
therefore, it will not cause environmental pollution like cold cathode fluorescent display, and its service life is more than 100000 hours, It is about twice as long as the life of ordinary displays.
because LED displays can be manufactured in a way similar to inkjet printers, which work by spraying ink onto paper, the manufacturing cost is lower.
in this way, LED displays can be manufactured in a way similar to inkjet printersPerformance comparison of several main displaysCompared with LCD, LED display has more advantages in brightness, power consumption, viewing angle and refresh rate.
the power consumption ratio of led to LCD is about 10:1.
and the higher refresh rate makes led have better performance in video, which can provide up to 160 bandwidth ° From the perspective of,It can display all kinds of text, numbers, color images and animation information, and can also play TV, video, VCD, DVD and other color video signals. Multiple displays can also be broadcast on the Internet.
the reaction speed of single element of organic LED display is 1000 times faster than that of LCD screen.
it can be taken care of in strong light, And adapt to the low temperature of minus 40 degrees.
using LED technology.
can produce thinner, brighter, clearer display than LCD, has a wide range of application prospects.
dot matrix composed of light-emitting diodes.
LED is not LCDNot liquid crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!There are monochromatic ones (red.
green, blue, yellow, white.
)There are also two colors with one point (red + yellow=orange.
.)There are also three colors (red + Green + blue=white.
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