How to choose LED screen
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Hello!The selection of LED display should be based on its own needs, site restrictions, investment and other factors.

How to choose LED screen

for example, whether the display is used indoors or outdoors.
the main purpose of the display is to display text, simple pictures and text, or to play various video signals, mobile networks, images and text, The viewing distance of the display screen and the control mode (synchronous control, asynchronous control or wireless control, etc.) to be adopted are very important factorsGenerally speaking.
if the image requirements are high and the visual distance is close, choose the dual primary color or full-color display screen with high point density. If the text playback volume is large, choose the specification with low point density.
in addition.
we should also choose the full-color, dual primary color or monochrome display screen according to the investment situation, and choose different frame materials according to the decoration situation, Different control methods should be selected according to the use characteristicsSpecifically,
the following points should be paid attention to when selecting LED display screen.
the new wide viewing angle tube should be selected as far as possible.
it has wide viewing angle.
the color is pure and consistent, and the service life is more than 100000 hours.
the selection of external package for LED display screen.
at present, the most popular external package is square cylinder with shading edge.
silica gel seal, no metallization assembly.
its appearance is exquisite and beautiful.
it is firm and durable, It has the five prevention features of direct sunlight, dust, water, high temperature and short circuit.
it should be based on the characteristics of different LED display screens.
combined with the actual needs of users, select the appropriate display screen.
according to the characteristics of different LED display screens(1) It can be used to guide the passenger flow at the exit of stations, docks, large markets and at the entrance of the elevator entrance ¢ 5.0 monochrome display screen.
it has the advantages of clear font, low price and cluster control.
it has the advantages of low cost and low cost(2) For banks, shopping malls and other occasions to display the corporate image, advertising and other applications.
this paper introduces the concept of "corporate image" and "corporate image"It can be used because of its low price ¢ 3.75 dual primary color display.
if the display effect is required to be good.
can be used ¢ 5 full color display(3)
can be used for large areas such as halls ¢ 5 dual primary color display.
if the display effect is required.
can be used ¢ 10 full color display(4) For the function definition of service windows in business halls such as bank, post office, electric power, etc.
can be used ¢ 3 or ¢ 5.
it can change the service function of the window at any time.
you can have a look at the details   Web links   I hope I can help youThe LED large screen display can be divided into indoor and outdoor according to the use occasions.
it can be divided into single color, two-color and three primary colors according to the color.
the outdoor display should have higher brightness.
it should also have better visual effect in the sunlight. Due to the large outdoor sight distance, the LED straight diameter is relatively larger, and it should be able to be used all day, with protection against wind, lightning, rain and mildew, The diameter of indoor screen is smaller than that of LED, generally only 3-5mm.
monochrome screen is red or green, which is usually only used for text display.
two color screen is red and green, which can have 65536 colors and 256 gray levels. Three color screen can reach 16m true color and 256 gray levels.
pixel density can reach tens of thousands of points per square meter.
monochrome screen has relatively high density, while three color screen is relatively low, Because each pixel needs three colors.
the quality factors of the display screen include viewing angle, brightness, uniformity, refresh speed, nonlinear correction, etc.
according to the brightness and color of the screen.
the power consumption varies greatly, from more than 100 watts per square meter to more than 1000 watts per square meterThe indoor full-color LED display shall have the following functions:The video broadcast function plays the video camera.
it can display the video image clearly and without flicker, realize the live broadcast of various programs, play the video programs such as VCD and DVD, meet the basic needs of cultural and sports activities, and play the files of AVI, MOV, mpg, DAT and other formats. The brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be adjusted by software, The adjustment range is 256 levels, with three display modes of VGA + vide, video and VGA, video image compression control function, display synchronization function, line double function to convert interlaced picture into non interlaced picture for motion compensation, one channel of audio signal is provided for power amplifier, and at least two channels of video input interface are reserved.
the system has the advantages of low cost, low cost and low costInformation e799bee5baa6e997aee7ad94e58685e5aeb931333365633936 publishing function can display all kinds of computer information, graphics, pictures and two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation, etc.
it has rich playing modes, display scrolling information, notices, slogans, etc., and has a large capacity of storing data information. There are a variety of Chinese fonts and font types to choose from, and it can also input English, French, German, Greek, English, French, French, German, Greek, etc Russian, Japanese and many other foreign language broadcasting systems have multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of information, play text information, play form can roll point, roll line, lead out mode, can move up and left, messages can be broadcast circularly, font, font size can be selected at will, and play speed can be set. In addition, multiple messages can be broadcast at the same time or with the mobile, mobile, mobile, etc At the same time, the image can display the date and time, or display the string and expression. I is used to announce the national policies, regulations and service commitments, broadcast the weather forecast, and release other public informationThe network function is equipped with a network interface to connect with the computer.
the network information can be broadcast at the same time to realize the network control. According to the customer's requirements, multiple displays in different places can be controlled through the network, and the broadband can be used for remote control.
according to the customer's requirements, multiple displays in different places can be controlled through the networkFor outdoor screen,
firstly, the pixel size should be determined.
in addition to the need of display content and site space mentioned before, the installation position and sight distance should also be considered.
the farther the installation position is from the main sight distance.
the larger the pixel size is, the more LEDs in the pixel and the higher the brightness will be, However,
the larger the pixel size is, the lower the pixel resolution per unit area will be, and the less the content will be displayed.
in this case, the larger the effective line of sight will beGenerally speaking.
if the image requirements are high and the visual distance is short, the dual primary color or full-color display with high point density should be selected. If the amount of text plays is large, the product with low point density should be selected.
in addition.
the full-color and full-color display should be selected according to the funds How to choose high-end products when renting LED display screen.
high end led display screen should have the following seven technical features: EMC optimization design, automatic correction, box state monitoring, dual card, current sharing n + 1 power supply, dual backup, silent operation, intelligent brightness adjustment, low reflectance.
high end led display screen should have the following seven technical features     1、 EMC optimization design       In the application.
LED rental display screen needs to run with a variety of electronic devices at the same time. In order to avoid electromagnetic interference, it is necessary to optimize the EMC design of rental screen.
for example, PCB adopts non spike wiring design, low-interference wiring mode, multi-layer copper shielding, high-low frequency separation, sensitive signal multiple processing technology, etc; More optimized circuit designSuch as multiple filter, pure power technology, etc; The electromagnetic interference can be solved by the above design     2、 Automatic correction       What is automatic correction? The correction data is stored in the module.
replacing the module, receiving card and sending card does not need any debugging, and there is no need to re send data, so it can be used after power on!       The traditional "point by point correction" and other correction technologies require professionals to re send correction data when replacing module and receiving card; Each module needs to be numbered, and a folder is established to store the correction coefficient of the corresponding module, which is stored in the U disk or the mobile hard disk. The user needs to save the correction coefficient of the module separately, and record the module number to make it one-to-one correspondence; After replacing the receiving card or module, the correction factor needs to be imported again. If the correction factor is not imported after replacing the module, the color patch will appear; If the user loses the correction coefficient, the correction cannot be enabled.
the user can not enable the correction       The rental screen with "auto calibration" technology.
users need not do any debugging after replacing the module or receiving card, just replace it; The whole screen is the corrected effect, and there is no color difference, color block, splash screen and other problems. The whole screen display is normal just by power on     3、 Box state monitoring       The receiving card equipped with high-end rental screen can detect and monitor the box temperature, humidity, power supply, fan signal line and communication status.
it enables the field staff to control the box operation status in real time.
the receiving card can monitor the box temperature, humidity, power supply, fan signal line and communication status     4、 Dual card, current sharing n + 1 power supply, dual backup       The LED display screen is composed of a large number of boxes.
a large number of electronic equipment, and the inevitable failure rate of electronic equipment has been bothering the users of the LED display screen.
when some electronic devices on the LED screen fail, it is particularly important that the display screen can still work normally.
in this paper, the failure rate of the LED display screen is analyzed32313133353236313431303231363533e58685e5aeb931333431373835       Dual card and dual power backup is a solution to ensure the reliability and stability of LED display in high demand environment       Double receiving backup mode.
one box uses two receiving cards.
the two receiving cards work at the same time.
mutual hot backup status, which can automatically and seamlessly switch in case of any signal failure, ensuring that the display screen works without any failure.
this paper introduces the dual receiving backup mode       In the parallel operation of current sharing power supply,
N + m backup method can be used to output larger power.
in the parallel system,
each current sharing power supply can share less power according to the power share. When a single power supply is damaged, other current sharing power supply can continue to provide power to the system to improve the reliability of the system     5、 Silent operation       In some high-end applications, such as museums, concerts and press conferences, the noise of LED display is required. Low noise fan or no fan and low-noise power supply are needed. Sometimes, in order to achieve this effect, higher requirements will be put forward for the power supply.
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